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    At work we have authenticated WiFi. I've been connecting every day for months. Recently (last week) Web simply hangs when I launch a page, rather than redirecting to the WiFi password page. If I allow it to cycle for a few minutes, it eventually returns "unable to resolve host," with "/wireless/blahblah/=PRE" appended to the URL of the page I picked (e.g., ESPN). The error code is "2006."


    1. I'm on, overclocked to 800Mhz, and have been for weeks.
    2. I have Lighty web server loaded.
    3. Three neighbors, on a Pre, an iPhone, and an iPod Touch can connect fine.
    4. Web otherwise works fine.
    5. Wireless at home works fine. (But there is no authentication screen because Pre's got it remembered.)
    6. The work SSID is found and (if not "forgotten") gives the check mark. The browser seems to be the issue.
    7. I had another, somewhat similar browser issue a while back, in which Lighty simply stopped "seeing" my local HTML. Some combination of uninstalls, restarts, and reinstalls of Lighty fixed that.

    Things I've Tried (attempted connection after each):

    1. Uninstalling Lighty, followed by a restart.
    2. Reinstalling Lighty, followed by a restart.
    3. "Forgetting" the SSID, then reconnecting.
    4. Cleared history, cache, and cookies.
    5. Restarted phone dozens of times, often between steps in other attempts to fix the effort.
    6. Checked the configuration settings. All IPs are correct.

    I'm flummoxed. I could WebDoctor, but the ability to use WiFi at work isn't quite worth that hassle.

    Any suggestions?
    Jeff Wilder, San Francisco Bay Area
    "I think I speak for everyone here when I say, 'Huh?'" - Buffy Summers

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    Try going to the FQDN of any site in question on your LAN (ie, the server that has the authentication screen). AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $WebOS$ $doesn$'$t$ $add$ $domain$ $or$ $search$ $entries$ $to$ $resolv$.$conf$, $so$ $if$ $you$ $don$'$t$ $use$ $the$ $full$ $name$, $you$ $won$'$t$ $get$ $there$. $For$ $example$: '$host$.$mylan$.$net$', $not$ $just$ '$host$'

    Not sure if that is your problem or not, but something to try.

    Also, I've noticed that WebOS seems to always prefer to use the resolver attached to your PPP link (ie, the one for phone data). I fixed that with a ifup script that replaces the resolv.conf file with the proper info for the local wireless when my wireless interface is active.
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