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    I'm a brand new Pre owner and this is my first post. I searched around but couldn't find answers to these questions. Before my questions, just want to say thanks in advance and its great to be a part of Pre Central.

    Slow photo load time:

    1. My Pre tends to take a 5-7 second lag to resolve a photo in my photo gallery. My friend told me to reset the phone and I did but its still painfully slow Any way to fix this?

    Longer event alarm:

    2. Also is there anyway to have the event alarm ring for a longer duration than just 3 secs. I'd like it to ring for 20 secs since I depend on it as an alarm clock.


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    For your first issue, the photo app is just slow. It doesn't take 7 secs to load for me on a Sprint Pre but it still needs some improvement in terms of speed.

    As for your second issue, the alarm within the clock app is much better. When you go into the clock app, at the bottom there are two icons. Tap the second one and it will take you to the alarms page where you can set multiple alarms. You can use the default alarm sounds or add your own if you have music on your phone. It sounds for at least 10 second-20 seconds though I'm not sure of exactly how long. It is definitely successful in waking me up on a daily basis though =)

    Hope this helps. And welcome to the Pre and webOS!
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    Maybe your photo is a large one, like 5-6mb? Is it one you took with your Pre or one you imported to the phone? To speed it up, you could consider overclocking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gapost View Post
    you could consider overclocking.

    Fixed all my problems!
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    You can try to delve into overclocking of Pre's CPU. It has significantly improved the loading of photos on my Pre. At the stock speed I was looking at the Photo Album screen thinking something was wrong. At 800 mhz it loads within a few seconds. I think my Palm TX loads photos from SD card faster than the Pre at stock speeds (maybe even at 800 mhz).

    Be prepared to do alot of reading in the forums if you plan on overclocking.
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    Must be a Sprint Pre issue, as my Pre+ loads the photo app in 4 seconds at stock speed. The Photo Roll also comes up in 4 seconds. Each photo fully resolves in 3-4 seconds. Could be the extra RAM.
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    For those that have overclocked, how long do photos take to load if I overclock? Right now on my Pre Plus at stock its about 3 secs ( I guess my 5-7 sec claim was exaggerated).

    Any chance there is a better photo app that would solve this issue or is this a processor issue?
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    Welcome Tony,

    My 800mhz Sprint Pre takes about 3 seconds to load a picture.

    If you want to install patches,etc., you probably will want to start with WebOS Quick Install on your home computer:

    Here is a thread on "must have" patches,themes,etc.
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    Move your pictures out of the default photo roll directory
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    The problem is with all pictures not just the ones in photo roll.
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    Overclocking will make a noticeable difference in photo loading. Still will be some stuttering sometimes though, but transforms the Pre into a more useable device. Stock speed is just too slow for demanding tasks.
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    3 seconds is way to much to load an image.. it should be done in half a second.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shaferz View Post
    Fixed all my problems!
    Didn't fix any of my problems... Phone is still slow no matter if it is a fresh install with the over-clocked kernel or if it has the entire /media/internal full. It has however made it "look" like it is faster, but a true stop watch test showed no improvement at all. Also my favorite patch is the fast pulsing load screens for each app, it totally makes my phone seem insanely fast... Yet the true to life stop watch tests show 0 improvement.
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