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    For the longest time (well, ever since Pre's Launch Day, LOL) I thought the Pre's Web browser couldn't scroll in iFrames/CSS overflow:hidden etc. areas. And, at first it couldn't to the best of my knowledge. I just figured out how to do it, but never saw it in any release notes (or the little browsing I do on this huge message board), so have no idea when it was implemented! Why did Palm not even mention this?! Arrgh!

    Anyway, for anybody else who was left in the dark like I was, you can't (as far as I've found) scroll using your finger, but you can scroll section-by-section (kind of like page-by-page but sized to the height of the iFrame/CSS box). That makes it a little annoying when there are pictures that get cut in half between two "sections", but at least you can read all the text and everything instead of never getting to see it.

    1. Tap once inside the iFrame/CSS box you want to scroll.

    2. To scroll down a section, hit the Spacebar on the keyboard. (You can hold it down for continuous section-by-section scrolling, which is fast so really only helpful to get to the bottom of a short page or for a long page.)

    3. To scroll up a section, hit Shift+Spacebar on the keyboard.

    4. If you tap elsewhere on the page (i.e. on one page, I tapped on a photo [which was inside the CSS box I was scrolling] to unhide and rehide a CSS caption box), to scroll again in the iFrame/CSS box you will have to re-tap said box. I assume this system works well on a page with multiple iFrames/CSS boxes to scroll, but I haven't tried that yet.

    I'm glad I know how to scroll in these areas now, but I do wish it was a finger scroll like with the whole page so photos don't get chopped in half and all. Maybe they'll come out with that next!
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    Wow! I never knew that. Thanks, man.
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    I just tested this on the full facebook and it worked. Kind of buggy but still work. I had a June 09 pre and never knew either.
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    Didn't know that either and I have a launch pre. I do have the web patch(Multi Mod), so you can use enter key to go to bottom of page, symbol key and the period to scroll up and down... Those works much better!!!

    Multi Mod: Gives you option to download or stream files from the browser. It also enables the display of the url bar in landscape mode, adds hotkeys for page up/down and page bottom/top.

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    Great, now I can see in real time all my bus routes on the CTA website! (Even though I did buy the app for it) It's just so cool to see those busses moving!

    I had actually asked this question a long long time ago when I first got the Pre. Thanks for answering it!
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    had mine for 8 months and didn't think it was possible.... Thank you very much
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    OP Thanks.... I gave up after a few months.
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    You're welcome, everyone. I've got a Sprint Launch Day Pre, too, and was really annoyed for a while that they didn't implement this scrolling. Somewhere along the way they did, though, woohoo!

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