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    What should one look for on a Pre Plus for Verizon when buying used? Anything specific that could indicate problems, or issues that will only get worse?

    I've tried the Motorola Droid (too big and clunky), the HTC Incredible (call quality sub-par for me), and like the concept of WebOS but haven't tried a Pre Plus yet (other than the store). Thinking of giving it a shot if I can find a used one in good condition at a decent price.


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    you don't want the oreo effect (sloppiness between the sliding keyboard and the phone).

    You don't want a lot of scratches on the screen (some are unavoidable)

    Keep in mind that you can only buy insurance when you activate the phone (even if it is used) to get insurance right away if they will let you. After a month or two you can cancel it if you decide to. Best $7/month I'll ever spend when the non-subsidized prices are so high.

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