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    So I just doctored my phone the other day for the first time. I was a little concerned that I would lose important data or apps but everything got loaded back on my pre very well. I love this phone, it works too well, it's not even fair. :-)
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    Yea.... Until the profile becomes corrupt and you lose all your contacts.

    Send me a message when it does.
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    haha I totally agree.. I remember having to tether my iPhones into my computer and syncing it..usually took like an hour to do all the junk it had to do. Now it just takes a few minutes and boom! We're back in action.
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    While I am glad it worked well for you, not everyone has been so lucky including me. I did the same thing several months ago and the palm profile completely failed. I got back 4 of my over 300 contacts and I have read numerous threads about others having the same problem. I hope that Palm has fixed this. Not trying to be a downer on your good fortune but just wanted to let you know.
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    lesson learned: never rely on technology but use it to your advantage.

    I back all my profile stuff on my computer using the Missing Sync as well as the Palm Profile

    You should always have 2, (or even 3) copies of sensitive data backed up.

    Digital is non-rivalrous, meaning that it doesn't actually exist. While this allows for infinite copies, it also means that it is extremely easy to destroy.

    The way to make a pro out of a con is to always make multiple backups, because with digital the option is there anyways so easily.

    Also, in response to everyone whining about how the Palm Profile didn't sync their data.... what would have happened if the technology didn't exist in the first place and you lost/bricked your phone?

    You would have lost everything anyways.

    Palm Profile= +1

    Whiners= 0.
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    I think it is good that there is a possibility to restore data from the palm profile, but it is not something you should depend on. Having lost all my contacts, I decided that all my contacts would be on Exchange or Google. Even if my palm profile is corrupted again, I can just restore my contacts from those external sources.
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    japark, I agree with you.
    rmausser, what I didn't mention was that I keep all my contact backed up to google and have never had a problem restoring them. While I understand your logic about the Palm Profile technology not being invented, but I can't help but mention that Palm used that technology as a selling feature of it's products. So, any reasonable person would expect it to work!! It works just fine for Google, Exchange and many others.

    still Palm Profile = 0

    google, exchange and virtually every other service = +1
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    Well, listen, everyone using a Microsoft Sidekick will tell you 'Backup your stuff!!!' The cloud is great, but even Apple's Mobile Me has had its issues.

    But even keeping all that in mind, Palm does make it SUPER easy to get your phone back up and running in no time at all. And yes, I love it too.
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    i love it too just wish it remembered who i had linked to what account like aim facebook and suck. but of course its still better than anything else so spending 5-10minz relinking is wayyyyy better than 1hour+ redoing everything your self! webOS for LYFE lmao
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    I never have any issues because I use google to sync all my contacts. Why would anyone want to use Palm profile for their contacts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vociferous View Post
    The cloud is great, but even Apple's Mobile Me has had its issues.
    Of all the major players (Google, Microsoft, RIM, Amazon, HP, IBM, etc.), Apple is the weakest in terms of data centers. Compared to what some of the other players have in terms of cloud infrastructure, Apple and MobileMe is a joke.

    Now that HP is buying Palm, I expect to see things accelerate significantly. A year from now, or maybe two, and we'll have the most reliable system in the smartphone industry.
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    after all that BS went down several months back about people losing their contacts with corrupt Palm Profiles, I migrated all my contacts to my google account.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vic_singh View Post
    I never have any issues because I use google to sync all my contacts. Why would anyone want to use Palm profile for their contacts?
    Cause palm is legit and google are a bunch of data mining *****s only looking to serve you targeted advertising. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING lolol
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    Anytime data is lost during a restore it's very important to Palm. I encourage anyone who loses data that was backed up to the palm profile to contact Palm immediately. Often we can attempt to restore any missing data right on the spot, however in some circumstances cases do get escalated, bottom line is your data is important to us just as important it is to you, we never want someone to be without data and by all means possible attempt to retrieve anything that is missing.
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