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    I am trying to get my video I made on my Pre into windows movie maker in order to compress it.. I am thinking the Pre videos are in the wrong format in order for WMM to recognize and import.. Do I need to convert these to a different format. I am not having a problem with them playing in WMP on my computer but just in Windows Movie Maker.. Is there a more easier method in which to compress the size of the videos..
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    First of all, you're not going to be able to compress it much more than the Pre already does without killing the quality. The Pre uses h.264 in an mp4 container, and you're not going to get much more efficient than that. If you want to edit though, that's a different story.

    But secondly, you might have to install an additional codec. Which version of Windows? Which version of Movie Maker? Do the files play on your computer with Windows Media Player?
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    Windows movie maker only edits .WMV videos... download this freeware to convert from mp4 to wmv... extremely easy to use, very user friendly. once you convert it, import it into Windows movie maker to edit and compress.
    Windows media player will play MP4 videos (reason why you can watch it and not edit)

    Any Video Converter - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

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    Thanks for the responses. I downloaded the converter... I will test the quality of it after I compress to see if it has an effect..
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    Last night I took a video from my Pre and "published" using Movie Maker for Windows 7 and it published it into a .WMV.

    No need for converting.
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    I ran into this problem last week, and found a program called WinFF that will convert to avi. Worked great for me.
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    Not sure about XP/Vista but Win7 Movie Maker reads my Pre vids in native format.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LateNiteWithJme View Post
    Not sure about XP/Vista but Win7 Movie Maker reads my Pre vids in native format.
    Exactly, that's what I said, and that's why I specified Windows 7 Movie Maker in my post. It's completely different and has no problems at all reading anything on my Pre.

    Get Windows 7 at some point, it really is a great OS.

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