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    20% most of the time... but about 10% if reading in bed in the dark...
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    20 % here!
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    Apply the reduce brightness patch, then turn it all the way to the lowest. Not only saves juice but also easier on the eyes.
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    so i've heard different answers on this, does it or does it not effect battery life? i kept mine at 20% but doctored it last night and kept it at 40% and haven't seen a difference so far. i know common sense will tell me the brighter the more juice used but anyone know for sure? fanx in advance lol
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    50% during the day.
    7% during the night so the keypad light stays on
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    10% is more than bright enough. It's fun to crank it up to 90% and show others how their backlights suck!

    The Pre really has a strong backlight making it excellent for viewing even in daylight.

    VenaCasa, typically the two biggest users of battery power are the backlight and the various radios in the phone (cell, GPS, Wifi). I'm quite surprised that some are reporting no difference. When I had the backlight at default (I forget what it was, but I think it was 80 or 90%) I was using 2-4% per hour just viewing emails and such. For me that dropped to around 1-3% with the backlight at 10-13% (kind of kept going back and forth). It wasn't a huge drop, but it was noticeable. Should equate to a couple of more hours of runtime during normal use.
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    Display 10%
    KB 53%

    Both at all times...I'll have to turn it all the way up just to see the fully saturated colors that were mentioned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by olidie View Post
    Display: 10%
    Keypad: 83%
    key pad?? How do I change that?
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    I use Brightness Unlinked app (Preware) & keep it at the lowest-0% with no keyboard on. I only turn it up if I'm outside with sunglasses on but turn it back down right away. It's much easier on my eyes when lowered. I also only turn the keyboard on at night if I'm using it in the dark.
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