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    Verizon wants to clear their Pre Plus inventory so badly. I guess this is a bright side to the poor phone marketing and previously gloomy future of Palm.

    For those who are on the fence about signing up for a new 2-year contract, the Pre Plus seems to be in a class of its own when it comes those looking for a savvy deal with the carrier.

    Even with the mandatory data plan, the free 3G mobile hotspot feature and this price drop to $29.99 with no rebate whatsoever regardless of corporate store or online purchase makes this phone so intriguing to seriously consider owning.

    Now that webOS has a new lease on life with HP and the Pre Plus should see future over-the-air webOS updates, those who look past the hardware issues will most likely be very pleased with their purchase over the 2-year contract period.
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    I bought one a week ago for $49.99. Can i take it back to my Verizon store and exchange it for a $29.99 model?
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    I just bought a second one (for my wife) yesterday it was 49.99
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    How much longer until they are free? LOL
    I wish that this was a sign Veizon was gwtting something new but, probably not...
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    Off to the Verizon store I go today to get my $20 back! I bought it for $50 and hey thats a nice little suprise (especially b/c my 30 days is up in less than a week!)
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    Anyone have any thoughts on how to buy a Pre Plus @ 29.99 as a backup? I know they require you to activate a 2nd line...but just thinkin'.....

    Seems cheaper than to have to buy one @ full price (i.e. replacement cost) if you drop it or break it???
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    Should have waited...would have been free with my NE2 but im happy I got mine when I did
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    I've been on the fence for a month...I still own a cheap little flip phone. The HP news alone sold me, so the price drop is just an extra bonus.

    It's happening this Tuesday - I'm looking forward to being apart of this fine community of users & developers!
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    wonder if at&t will be in the double digits!
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    I had a Pre Plus when it came out for Verizon but 2 weeks later I took it back and got a Droid. I didn't like the Droid to much so I took it back and went back to my Storm to wait and see what happens. The free mobile hotspot had my interest and now that its $30 I think I might just come back to Palm. I love WebOS. This is just to good to pass up.
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    I have a connection to get phones at the contract definitely picking up a couple more of these beauties!
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    Just got back from VZ. Im the proud owner again of a Pre Plus! WOO!
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    Quote Originally Posted by unseenme View Post
    I have a connection to get phones at the contract definitely picking up a couple more of these beauties!
    Can u hook me up?
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    Please AT&T match this price when you release it.
    iPhone 4s 64gb for personal, at&t Prē 3 for business. Best of both worlds.
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    I am having nothing but problems with the palm pre app. I can not store new phone numbers. I have exhausted so many hours with this and I am near done. The WEB OS Doctor will not work to fix this. I am so dissapointed in this phone!!!!!!
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    If you already bought a PrPrPr&#$275$; $in$ $the$ $last$ $30$ $days$ $you$ $can$ $do$ $a$ $price$ $match$ $with$ $Verizon$. $Go$ $to$ $a$ $direct$ $store$ $or$ $call$ $customer$ $service$ $and$ $they$ $will$ $credit$ $you$ $the$ $$20$ $bucks$.
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    I bought my wife one last week for $49.99 then saw on this web site that the price dropped. Called 611 on my Pre to Verizon customer service and they are crediting me $20.00 to my account for the difference in price. Simple as that folks.
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    Even if you took advantage of the BOGO? Just ordered two yesterday. Oh well, even if they don't credit the difference, I still made $10 on the deal!

    I jumped early, thinking they would end the free Mobile Hotspot, because that would be SO much a Verizon thing to do.
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    I just saw their ad on tv tonight. They are still offering the pixi for $29.99, and the palm pre plus for $49.99.
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    ...just in case any of you are on the fence, the sign in my local NJ Verizon store says only 8 days left in the Pre 29.99 sale. **I bought mine tonight - Yeah!** 5/3/10
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