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    Hi all,

    First off thanks to everyone for all the information provided on this forum.

    Are there any major differences between the Sprint Pre and the Verizon Pre Plus as far as software goes? I am a newb and have updated my Verizon Pre Plus to Are all the Sprint posts here relevant to the Pre Plus? I know there were compatability issues before Verizon's latest update. Is it possible to have a Pre Plus forum created here for Verizon specific posts?

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    Software is identical and almost everything on here should be of general applicability.
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    i've had both the pre and pre+ and the only material difference is the memory. i haven't had an out of memory error with my pre+ whereas i had many with the reg pre.
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    I have never had out of memory error with my Sprint Pre (almost a year now), but I don't play 3D games either. But then again I have never had the double type/mistype or the GPS issues with my Sprint Pre.
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    The only differences should be the carrier specific apps (NFL, nascar, Sprint football live, mobile hot spot, Sprint Navigation, etc.).

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