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    I have a few interesting calendars on my google calendar (sports etc.) I originally had appearing on my pre but now they are not appearing on there any more.

    They are on the google site calendar but not on my phone. How do I have them appear on my phone?
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    I know there is an issue with some calendars. For example, the sports calendars will not show up on a mobile device. People have tried to figure this out and as far as I know...its a no go. If you "make" a calendar they show up, but the google ones wont. sux
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    I would like this capability as well!
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    Have you made sure they are checkmarked in the Pre's calendar Preferences? If so, are they set to show when "All" is the selected view or only when that particular calendar is selected to show?

    I only have my own Google calendar and Google's U.S. holidays calendar on my Google acc't, but they both show up just fine on my Pre.
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    I found that the google ones won't work, but I got a WSU basketball calendar from yahoo to sync to the pre.

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