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    Sup all

    So whats the best way to dry out a pre lol.

    I was grabing a beer out of a bucket and some1 bumps into me and splash their goes my pre into the bucket of water.

    I grabed it as fast as i could and poped the battery out.

    Any idea on how to get the fone working agin?

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    Don't turn it on for a day at least.
    The water has to be all evaporated before you put power to it again, otherwise it could fry. If it hasn't already.

    And an old internet wive's tale is that to dry out electronics, let them sit overnight in a bag of rice. Sucks out the moisture.

    Good luck man
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    yeah and mine fell into the toilet from my shirt pocket!

    It was fine after a dry out!

    I sucked out all the remaining water with a vacuum cleaner, then put my Pre in the sun to dry off naturally. I didn't leave it to long, but just saying let it dry out.

    It's said to place it in a bowel of uncooked rice!

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    Whatever you do, PLEASE don't nuke it or throw it in the oven!

    (I've seen it done...)

    You could try the old fan trick, but don't go full blast at it, you don't wanna move the water that's in there, just get the air moving around it.

    Edit: Actually if you've got a couple of those "DO NOT EAT" packets around, that's actually what they're designed to do - mop up water out of the air.
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    I put it in the rice so im hoping that will work

    I had the flashlight going when i droped it. after i got it out of the water it was swtill on and went off after i poped the batery out.

    It doesnt sound like it got fried but im hoping for the best lol
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    Listen to these guys, & Remember to use dry rice. I've seen someone use leftover shrimp fried rice and doubled his problems.
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    put it into a ziploc bag of rice... and let it sit for 24 hours... the rice will eat up the moisture.. I've saved many iDEN phones I've owned with this trick =)
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    right now i got it in a bag of dry rice with the back cover attached.

    Should i remove the back cover or leave it on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by havvoc88 View Post
    right now i got it in a bag of dry rice with the back cover attached.

    Should i remove the back cover or leave it on?
    IMO I'd remove it... that way there is less in the way to prevent any moisture from being absorbed by the rice.. but that is just my opinion

    plus take the battery out if it isn't already and dunk that into the rice as well.... better safe than sorry
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    The bag of rice trick DOES work, try it. It worked with my son's phone. Let it sit for a day or two before trying to turn it on.
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    Minute or Instant rice will soak up the water faster than regular uncooked rice. I saw an article on what to do when your cell gets wet somewhere...
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    btw he warrantu is now void. There is a sticker inside that turns from striped to solid when it gets wet, just to detect succh an event.
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    ok so this isn't to be advised but yesterday I was getting out my truck and didn't realize my Pre was on my lap and it fell into a puddle of water and was completly submerged. I yanked the battery out and let it sit for about an hour... I was traveling at the time and really needed my phone so I took a chance and turned it on... It's working fine. I was very lucky
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    I used the rice trick on my Treo, and was able to keep it going for a while.

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