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    Imagine my surprise when a vanity Google search came up with a pic of a massive chili and cheese dish! And onions, and... spaghetti??? You guys are sick!

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    Ok, so I knew about the CDMA limitation, but I always experienced something different. I just tried this right now at my desk (office phone has multiple lines w/ different numbers). I'm on VZW.

    Line 1 calls my cell, i pick up.
    Line 2 calls my cell, i pick up.
    Palm Pre shows both of my calls, line 1 is "on hold" and i'm talking to line 2.
    I press end all calls.
    5 seconds later, i get a call from "unknown number". I answer and its my line 1 reconnecting to my phone.

    Repeated test,
    This time switching on my phone back to Line 1 and ending all calls.
    5 seconds later, i get a call from "unknown number". I answer and its my line 2.

    3rd test,
    This time Line 1 dials my cell, and my cell dials Line 2.
    End all calls and all calls end w/o reconnecting.

    4th test,
    Same as 3rd but I merge the calls first. Same result.

    5th test,
    Cell dials Line 1, Line 2 dials cell. End all calls.
    Reconnected to Line 1.

    6th test,
    Cell calls line 1. Line 2 calls cell.
    Cell flips back to line 1. End all calls.
    Line 2 reconnects.

    7th test,
    Cell calls line 1, Cell calls line 2
    End all calls. Nothing gets reconnected

    Basically seems that whatever other call get reconnected as long as the last call connected call was incoming instead of outgoing. Maybe this is something VZW does to help overcome the limitation?
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    Hey everyone, I'm new here, but I don't understand how this is not possible. I had a Sprint phone prior to getting the pre and it was able to hang up and leave whichever call I wanted still available.

    I don't know what CDMA means, but this just doesn't make sense.

    I guess what I'm reading is, I should call Sprint and complain? If so, I'm on it.
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    The BB on Sprint can do it but the Pre on Sprint cannot. I'm at band practice and my drummer has a BB on Sprint and we just tested that. So, I'm not so sure that it's a network thing, but I really don't know too much about this stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    I wanna 5 way xD
    Ditto! Is there an invite page?
    "It is innocent, unless found Gu1l7y.
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