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    I don't start new threads, I search and solve my problem by reading how the last person with the same problem was advised. So forgive me, point me to the right thread and delete my thread if this was already addressed.

    I doctored, installed the new Verizon and now I'm confused.

    when I go to get the few apps from the app store that I once downloaded,
    (need for speed, Faebook) the store recognizes me and the fact that I once had these apps (NFS) because it says "download for free" but then tells me that I don't have enough space to download these apps, and that I need to free up space and delete apps.

    I have 13g free so I know this is not true.

    please tell me what to do.

    thanks and sorry for repeating the subject if that's the case. I figured that I've been around for enough years to be able to F up once :-)

    oh and I'm very stoked about all the good and positive news that I'm reading on the front page.

    go Palm!!!
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    does anyone know anything?
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    a battery pull fixed this same issue for me once
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    the battery pull did not work.
    does anyone know how to fix this?
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    it's the app Catalog.... Not store
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    You may need to set up an appointment with the doctor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JaMart View Post
    it's the app Catalog.... Not store
    thanks for being such a huge asset to this community. Keep up the good work.

    are you still the admin over at these forums?

    The "I'm-A-Teen-Loser" Forums
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