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    sorry to sound nube but i have searched and cannot find where to download govnah. Help please thanks in advance
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    look in the uber kernel thread and you will find the WebOS Internals Test feed. Add those to preware and you will find Govnah in the applications.
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    thanks man
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    can you just post the link there are more than one and im not sure
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    I would also like to test the feeds. Searched but couldn't find it! Help please
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    I'm working from my Pre, and I would have to search for it just like you.....

    alright I did it anyway... It's in the uber kernel thread, page 9 post #161
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    That link doesn't seem to go to the Govnah application as requested by the original poster. is the link to the forum thread which discusses the Uber-Kernel and the Govnah application.

    Note that you need a kernel which includes support for the internal CPU temperature sensor to get full use of the features of Govnah.

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