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    (I searched the forums but couldn't find an answer) Is there an app that would lock the screen and keypad until a combination of keys was tapped on the keypad or a programmable gesture / pattern was traced on the touchscreen?
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    Pretty sure one of the options in the screen and lock app is that you can set a pin code that you have to enter to unlock the phone.

    Not sure if it replaces the "swipe to unlock" or adds to it, as I've never turned it on.

    Might be worth checking out, though.
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    Thanks. Honestly, I didn't see that. Am hoping it can be extended so that homebrew writers can add (to PIN and password) a gesture pattern. I've seen it on another handset and thought a gesture would be easier to do without looking at the screen (say if you were hiding it from view of others).
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    I agree... I find that for whatever reason, my keypad pin punches often don't register and I end up having to enter the PIN multiple times. Annoying. Also - is it just me or is there a bit too much lag on the PIN unlock screen?
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    My pre makes me reenter the pin more often than not. I would like to turn the lock off completely.
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    Does anyone know of an application that does a gesture pattern on the touchscreen to unlock it? I'd love that kind of application!
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