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    I bought my Pre Plus about 2 weeks ago. So far I didn't have much issue except maybe it crashed once for some reason which I don't know what.

    After, thing went south. Basically my music player crashes my Pre and reboot. This is actually very important since I work in NYC and I take Subway ride for more than 30 min. I need my music and playing game while I am underground. And I refused to carry two devices.

    I can reproduce this issue even after I went to verizon store this morning and they did Hard reset on my phone which I lost all my pictures and movies.

    I open Music player and I flipped thru several music on album view, after several second later, it freezes and reboot.

    Second problem that I just noticed, I am Korean and I do listen to Korean music. With 1.4.0, all my music name and artist had correct Korean font. After, some of the music font got all broken. I can't read the name of the song and some artist name shows broken.

    This really sucks. I do think this is related to firmware update. And even if I change my phone to different Pre Plus, I am afraid that I am going to have same issue.

    I only got the Pre because they offered early upgrade plan. I don't think i can exchange to Android phone. And if I return the phone, I have pay $35 plus I bought few accessary, they are all waste of money.

    I am really not happy with Pre Plus experience so far. Buggy, slow, lack of application, now I can't even play music on it.
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    If it is within 30 days, you are entitled to have them give you a brand new replacement.

    Have you tried a different music player? Also, you should use the live chat on the Palm site to see if they can help you isolate the problem.

    The phone is fantastic. Hopefully you can get this fixed and not give up on the best phone you can find today.
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    I am going to replace my Pre either tonight or tomorrow depend of what time I get off my work. And if I still have same issue with new Pre Plus, I am going to either return the phone, losing about $50+ here, $35 restocking fee and my car charger and screen protector. Or I will try to see if I can change to different phone, probably Android phone, however, I got Pre because of early upgrade plan, so I doubt I even have choice to pick different smart phone. and even change to different phone, I still have to pay $35 restocking fee.
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    Did you try running the Palm WebOS Repair Utility?

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