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    I could not have stuck with the Pre if it were not for patches and Homebrew apps. And it is not like some of the patches should not have been obvious to Palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    About 40 basic patches do not need an ON/Off switch like:
    Add more snooze time options (Email, Messaging, Calendar)
    Email Add more sync time options
    Browser: Option to Send Link with Messaging.
    Browser: Change Number of Bookmarks to 100 bookmarks.
    Calendar: All-Day Events in Month View
    Calendar: Default to Month View
    Calendar: Default to Week View
    Calendar: More Reminder Alarm Times
    Calendar: Repeat Reminder Notification
    Calendar: Snooze Duration Selection
    Calendar: Wrap Location Field.
    Clock: Enable hidden clock
    Messaging: Character counter
    Messaging: SMS Tones
    Mojo: More autoreplace words
    Phone: Call Duration in Call Log
    Phone: Call History During Call
    Phone: Match State to Area Code - look up state if no Contact or Caller ID name
    and 30 other dumb things left off.

    Some need to be On/Off switches such as:
    Vibration/haptic feedback (phone, contacts, calculator, etc.)
    Phone Dialpad Tones Off
    Notification Repeat (Email, Messaging, Calendar)
    Topbar: Add Date - MM/DD
    Topbar: Add Brightness slider
    Topbar: Battery Percent
    Launcher 4x4, 5x4 icon options
    and 100 other options we have had for years on other phones

    Wow. That's like trying explain what it is like to have kids.

    - Craig

    Not to argue semantics with you, but the ones I put in bold would need some type of selection device. I could even have picked a few more. The point being, say for your calendar options, GUI would need to be added to have the option of "Default to *****", right now, our ability to patch is the "on/off" or "GUI replacement" for those patches. If you patch one, you are not patching the other.

    The clock one, the patch enables something, if you don't want it enabled, it would need a "switch" our "switch" now is not using the patch or removing the patch.

    Call duration in call log is something I think should be there...... but once again, when you add something that has a static behavior (not just more options like the snooze options), you need a way to disable the "feature" that you statically put into the OS.

    Anyways brother, really not trying to argue with you, but you did illustrate my point..... just because you think a patch doesn't need to be "turned off" doesn't mean every user will feel that way. I am all for what you are suggesting, just saying there needs to be some GUI implemented with the patches to have every patch implemented be an addition to the OS for a mass market (that's why we have so many patches with so many variations, not everyone wants the same exact thing).
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    I'm wondering if you could name a phone o/s or even any o/s where the manufacturer has managed to successfully stop patching/3rd party apps running. Even the mighty Appholes have been largely unable to do this.
    Maybe HP will just leave well alone, knowing that they can't successfully stop patching?
    Treo680->TreoPro->iPhone3GS->PalmPre->HPPre2->HPVeer 2.2.3->HPPre3

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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    I happen to love my stock pre... Keep up the good work palm.... Nothing against the homebrew community, but if it dissappeared I wouldn't be affected at all, and neither would the majority of owners..
    I think it's excellent that you and others love their stock Pre. In my opinion, because that's what it is and only that, the alleged "majority" of users do not know about the capabilities and the options available. If they did ... they absolutely would be affected. There is a cause and effect here. My stock Pre was not as attractive to other phone users (Blackberry, Samsung, & iphone) who were sporting new features and software... until I educated them on some of the TRUE capabilities of my Pre. I found a new respect for the Palm Pre from these other dedicated users. I don't do it for myself, I want them to benefit as I do on a daily basis (i.e. Tether, 800mhz, Terminal and 74 other patches) ... and truly there is some pleasure in seeing their envy.

    So .. love it or hate it .. if you got it .. use it to it's potential.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey47 View Post
    If we only held sway with them in some way...
    We hold an enormous amount of sway with them.

    It's called capitalism.
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