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    My honda Accord 2001 has cassette portion of it. So I bought a cassette adapter and connect the outlet on the cassette adapter to the headphone jacket on the Pre. Am FM transmitter is also adviseable if your car antenna is at the front, but of course, you can't see it, so you won't know if it's at the front or back.
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    so can I use the usb input on the front of my strereo to hook the touchstone up... Or is this done another way?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BORIStheBLADE View Post
    While using Blue tooth for playing music can you still use blue tooth for calls while doing this?
    Not with the BlackBerry Stereo Gateway adapter, that's strictly an A2DP music receiver. If I get a phone call I use the speaker phone on the Pre itself to answer the phone. If I really want to talk, I just click the answer button on my BT headset (Plantronics 520) and it will connect to the Pre in a couple of seconds (disconnecting the BlackBerry unit) ... and of course I can use the BT headset to make calls. The only tricky part is to get back to the BlackBerry, I have to manually pull down the 'system' menu on the Pre and select it.

    In retrospect, I might consider just getting a BT-enabled car receiver. Most of those can switch back and forth between music and calls seamlessly. But, I don't love using a speaker phone in the car ... so I'm pretty happy overall using the BlackBerry for music and the headset for phone.
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    I too use the cassette adapter and the sound is just great. When people hear it they never believe it is a cell phone though a cassette adapter. I do have problems answering calls at times as the caller cannot hear me. The problem is remedied if I reboot the phone with the adapter connected to the car stereo.
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    I used pandora with bluetooth via my car cd deck. At times there was an echo. Also the would be the occasional glitch where songs would speed up for a sec or two. IMO grooveshark has better quality.
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    As a stickler for audio quality, I would say to go for the AUX. Sending audio through a radio frequency always diminishes quality. The only nice thing I have found with bluetooth is the skipping feature, as well as pausing. I just find bluetooth to bring in a sortof.. pingy high pitched sound into the mix, and it drives me crazy. Mind you.. the last time I tried bluetooth was last August... I don't know how much better it may be now with updates and such.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zpoettker View Post
    As a stickler for audio quality, I would say to go for the AUX. Sending audio through a radio frequency always diminishes quality.
    Except for one small oversight in your argument...Bluetooth is a DIGITAL radio frequency stream, and for that matter Pandora is using a digital radio frequency stream to deliver the music to your phone! There should be no decrease in quality sending the signal over Bluetooth, unless there's a D2A2D conversion going on inside the phone to stream over Bluetooth.

    I guess it all boils down to where you want to do the digital-to-analog conversion. My Motorola T-605 Bluetooth car kit does a better job at D2A than the Pre's internal D2A circuits, at least to my non-audiophile ears. Maybe your Bluetooth receiver isn't as good?

    As another plus in the Bluetooth column, you won't be stressing out the Pre's troublesome headset jack every time that you get in your car if you go Bluetooth.....
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    I just started using the BlackBerry Stereo Gateway adaptor and it's so much nicer than just using a AUX plug into the Pre. It's a cleaner install with less wires hanging around
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    I've started using my Pre+ in my '09 Escape with Sync. Works great! sound is good I can even use the next and back track on the steering wheel! Almost forgot when i get a call it just mutes and i can pick up the call! I love it! BT all the way!

    But hey that's me!
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    WOW! Thanks for all the input! You guy's Rock!! I can't wait to get a new head unit so I can listen to Pandora during road trips.
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    I use BT everyday. Works perfectly and quality is incredible.
    I've decided to become enigmatic.
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