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    That is the question.

    I got a Pre back in August, I was one of the lucky ones as I never had hardware problems - for Pre's standards that is. The screen cracked 2 weeks ago, insurance kicked in and I got a replacement, after the 100 deductible. I get a new phone that feels more sturdy than the last, I'm happy. I make my first phone call and the earpiece is blown off. TERRIBLE call quality. I gave it a few more days but couldn't take it. Called for another replacement, they delivered promptly. Build didn't feel as sturdy as the other one and it has one dead pixel, other than that so far so good.

    My question is, should I replace it for one dead pixel? After all I do pay 7 bucks per month and paid a $100 deductible, I should be getting nothing less than what I had before. This would be my 3rd replacement and 4th phone, almost feels like I've opened Pandora's box. Next Pre could have other issues.

    Opinions? Should I keep replacing until I get a good one or should I get over the dead pixel?
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    get over the deap pixel, you may or may not have a dead pixel in the next unit but you may or may not have bigger problems. For me I don't give a *%* for a dead pixel, but a pre that's is a complete defect (unusable) then that's when a swap is needed.
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    Is it actually dead or is it stuck? I believe there is a stuck pixal app in homebrew..
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    Is it actually dead or is it stuck? I believe there is a stuck pixal app in homebrew..
    yeah i have that app. sadly it's a dead pixel.
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    I had a couple days after launch Pre and I got a replacement a few weeks ago. Took me 2+ weeks to get one through Best Buys's replacement plan (worthless) I had to stuff paper pieces in the batter compartment to get it to turn on and I had some dead (maybe stuck? I didn't know about that) pixels. So I turned it in.

    the phone I got for replacement was a new one as well (no refurb date) but I don't think it's a solid as the first. I wish I would have just stuck it out until June and got a new phone. (not necessarily a palm, we'll see) The phone seems to oreo a bit. I should have just kept my paper strips in the battery compartment. That phone felt more solid and I was good once I placed them in there.

    IMO, keep the phone and deal with the dead pixel if possible.

    Oh, and I have this thing with the new phone where the screen goes black for like 20 seconds sometimes when I pick it up. that's probably the worst. It just did it.
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    It was my understanding (from PreCentral) that no more defective phones would be replaced with refurbs. How long ago did you do this? Your phone should have been replaced with a brand new Pre (if you're on Sprint, which, if you got your phone in August, you must be).
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    if you paid the insurance, they owe you a phone that doesn't have problems. You should have them send you another. The replacement phones probably have 30-day warranty with Assurion. I would make them send me one every day until they sent one that is problem free.

    I had that issue with my Centro when they sent me a replacement that had some issues. I had them send another. It took them several before they sent one that didn't have any flaws. Refurb doesn't mean used, so don't except flaws that should have been corrected in the refurb process.

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