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    Hey guys. I'm sorry cus i know this is already answered somewhere. but I havea bunch of patches on my pre plus and was wondering what i should do before i install

    I saw that auto update thing but can't figure it out. is it bad if i just install

    thanks in advance
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    just update. Uninstall any themes though.
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    Though you can just update, I am super paranoid so I would uninstall everything except stock.
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    I had zero problems updating, and the only thing I removed first was the theme.

    Though I've seen other users saying that they left their patches in during the install and it messed a lot of stuff up.

    So, it's really up to you, as there's no way to know how the update will affect your particular setup.
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    Keep all your patches. I uninstalled all of mine before i updated and couldnt get them back, i ended up having to use WebosDoctor to get it back to 1.4.0 so i could get all my patches back, after that i just updated with all my patches installed, then went into preware and turned off the app catalog feed and was able to update all my patches to work on Everything works great now.

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