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    I have been using a Hero for the last six months or so and my Pre has been sitting around collecting dust. I heard about the 800Mhz OC's and thought I would give it a try. Since I new I had a bunch of mess on there I went ahead and doctored. Of course now I needed to reactivate so I could log into my profile. Tried and the data won't work. Of course the two master reset codes don't work. I had the same issue when I first activated it and they finally figured it out. This time they just gave up and are sending me another Pre. There is nothing wrong with the phone, they just can't figure the phone out. Oh well, I had snapped off the USB cover and off course it has a fair bit of oreo. I just found it funny they are replacing a phone I didn't even buy from them to start with, it's a refurb I bought second hand. And who says Sprint's CS sucks?(granted I did spend two hours on the phone with them tonight)

    I heard they quite sending out refurbs, any truth to that?
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    yep. You'll be getting a brand new phone.
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    Wow! Now that is some great CS! Lol.
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    yea I've had my first sense august and the screen broke a couple of weeks ago I had to wait to get the money and I paid the 100 bucks and asurions sending it next day for free sense I waitrd so long it'll be here today I can't wait I'm freaking going through withdrawls LOL
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    Sprint will just send the malfunctioning phone to Palm as it's still under Palm's warranty, so no loss for them. Sprint looks at it as a win because they gaining/keeping a customer.

    Still, it's nice that they usually don't hassle you or send you to Palm for warranty replacement situations.

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