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    Now let me start by saying that this is not meant in any way to deter anyone from picking this phone up or even bash this phone...Just need to throw this out there.

    While I love my Pre it seems to do everything in its power to get me to send its *** back to the orphanage. While WebOS , in my opinion, is something quite amazing the hardware leaves much to be desired. Here is a quick run down

    1. Screen had blotches on the bottom. Twisting screen and hard to slide.(launch day pre)

    2. Gesture button didn't work unless I really mashed it.(recieved1 month after launch)

    3. Headphone jack problem kept popping up.(I did do several things to make it stop but it always came back even if I didn't use my headphones)(received about 15 min after #2)

    4. Volume down button does not work(received 11/3/2009)

    5.Screen had very strange blotches that appeared when the screen was touched (didn't mind really). The power button lost responsiveness (fixed with an easy mod). Finally, last Sunday it completely refused to charge and when it did charge it continuously searched for a signal while draining the battery at an alarming rate even with the charger plugged in (damn thing burnt me it got so hot)

    6.Picked this one up today did a quick run through of the buttons and slide to make sure everything was up to snuff. Everything seemed ok until I got home and found out the external speaker is blown and I can hardly hear it.
    side note: when I was handed the phone it appeared obviously used. somewhat dirty and the back mirror already had slide marks. Didn't care because i just wanted to go home after being out all day.

    At what point do I say enough is enough? Honestly given all these issues I don't think I could stomach switching to another phone. I just like the experience that much. The worst part about all of this isn't that the phones were broken, its the fact that when I go to Sprint to take care of it the process to obtain a working phone is long and drawn out.

    First I have to go in and wait to be helped. Explain my issue and hand over my phone for at minimum an hour which means sit around there because no repair centers are near my home. Get my phone back and be told they will order a new one which will arrive in a few days. Return days later and wait yet again to be helped. Go through the motions until the new phone is up and running. There has to be a quicker way of obtaining a functional phone form sprint...
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    Just Love/Love here. What can I say but, "none of the above". A black cat must have crossed your path.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    Just Love/Love here. What can I say but, "none of the above". A black cat must have crossed your path.
    Well a black cat crosses my path daily...I happen to own one.

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