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    People still use hotmail?
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    People still use hotmail?
    I use it as my junk mail... I use to use it as my main account, then i opened a gmail account cause hotmail has a horrible limit on file sizes you can send. Then when i found out the pre works better with gmail, i started transferring over, and I like it alot better.
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    Over 50 million people actively use hotmail/live.
    Nothing wrong with it if you don't sign up to pr0n sites with it.
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    I dunno if 50 million "actively" use it. Both the wife and I have "active" hotmail accounts, finally made the switch to gmail because of the pre, and when I found out I could use it to pool all my e-mail accounts, once I did mine, I setup the wifes as well. Gives me double spam filtering too, so that's nice.
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    try 400 million / but they are supporting exchange in hotmail now so I wonder which is better on the pre / gmail vs. hotmail. for me gmail is up and down sometimes instant other times over 30 min

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