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    SAVED in our web app with original pre + purchase. This way more newbies, would get more information and solutions before they write missleading information about webos. have read couple reviews on verizon and pre plus..... one customer wrote: i hate it .... its confusing i cant even download apps from my pre , got to use my comp!!.

    Anyone new to pre have no idea of endless possibilities that can change pre plus from stock to rock!.
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    that's why they can use a little thing called google.
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    I agree, but it will never happen
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    gotta use the computer? Really? Someone wrote a very misleading review! People should only be aloud to write ligit reviews lol. Hope it didn't sway any potential buyers. And yes I agree. Precentral is one of the most active mobile sites, it still bugs the crap outa me that tipb has a MUCH better mobile site yet we are more active :/

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