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    Ok, so I hemmed and hawed and snooped and looked and played and oggled and waited and weighed options and sat on the fence. The push has actually come from my Centro itself - Its a grand device and I've been thoroughly happy with it but the battery (an extended palm battery) has begun to lose its charge rapidly and get extra hot when using the phone - so either I shuck out bucks for another extended battery or for just a few bucks more I get the Pre!
    50.00 bucks for a battery to keep using my trusty old (OLD) companion - or a whopping 78.00 for a brand new WEB OS PRE (From Walmart - an upgrade priceof course).

    SO here I am amongst the rank and file of other PRE users - even though Iwas very close to getting a Treo Pro - I couldn't bring myself to venture into Windows MObile.

    While my shiny black Pre is charging I'm perusing the boards for start up info. Still debating about jumping whole hog into the clouds or sticking with just talking to my own VPN for data exchanges.

    Connected to myVPN with WIFi, downloaded the current update, but battery needs to be 30% before installing...

    I DO wish there was an LED to indicate the PRE is charging - seems such a minor thing - but a simple reassurance.

    Looking forward to my new communicator!
    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    Welcome my friend to the world of Pre. You'll be just fine. Make sure you get a Touchstone (the best phone accessory EVER!!!!) and an extended battery (just in case) and you'll be just fine.

    You've obviously been here in the forums for a while (259 posts, wow!). I came from a Centro too. Trust me. You'll love the Pre.
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    Congrats, i hope that you may find it enjoyable and very useful.
    Dont worry about battery life, every update improves the battery life in my opinion. i used to get 4 or 5 hours out of battery life, now i gat about 9 - 10, and i am on it constanly. Welcome to the club
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    Welcome. You will want to get a touchstone. Then you will always know when it is charging.

    I personally don't sync business info to the cloud. I sync to Outlook on the desktop. Google doesn't have an NDA with me so I can't trust them with my info.

    I think you will really like your Pre. I came from a Centro, and I've really enjoyed the Pre
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    WELCOME!!!! Glad you have your Pre. I agree with Pre Tooley the battery life has improved alot over the original launch day (when I bought my Pre). I too see you have been around for a while but just a reminder get Preware to enhance your Pre even more
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    Congrats Kim, and welcome to the world of webOS!
    It will probably take a few days to a week to break in your battery and you know you'll have all the support you'll need here. So enjoy your Pre
    "Patience, use the force, think." Obi-Wan

    Ready to try Preware? Get this first: Preware Homebrew Documentation
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    I got my Pre yesterday and am loving it so far. Downloaded the lastest update and preware, made a few tweaks here and there.

    Loving it so far and still learning how to use it.
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    good check out my carbon pre theme it will make ur pre that much better
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    Thanks all for the welcome! This forum has been a great place to exchange info and ideas and has helped on many occasions! I'm a bona fide skeptic when it comes to sending ALL my conatct and calendar info out yonder - so will likely look for a way to sync locally. I've never been a fan of Google - and prefer to use Good Search or Yahoo instead! I'm wary of monopolies and one reason too why I've stayed away from Apple and RIM devices. MAybe WEBOS will turn out to emulate just the monopolies I disdain - time will tell - but for now WEBOS seems to continue to embrace the free thinkers and open minded folks. I've already downloaded my first theme - WOOHOO! But noticed a possible quirk - the "Sprint" logo has disappeared from the upper left corner since installing - and I get a cannot connect to Verizon network recording when dialing *3, *2doesn't connect either but atleast indicates it is a Sprint command. The "R" roamimng indicator is lit -so this may mean the PRE isn't pulling in the same signal that my Centro does at the house. I'll discover more tomorrow.
    Definitely the touchstone and extended battery are on the horizon!

    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    Patches, Patches, Patches...look for them.
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    Congrats on making the leap! You're gonna love it! Yes, not having an LED on the device was a bit of a weird thing to get used to, but you do get used to it very quickly. Get a TouchStone (you can find them very cheap on-line) and if you don't have one, simply look at the battery icon on the screen and you will see the charge indicator when it is plugged in. There are several patches you will find to also add some indicators to the battery icon (ie: charge percentage symbol)... browse through Preware patches and you will love how you can tweak your phone to your needs!
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    Welcome, newer user here myself as well. Just got started with preware and the super pre 800 speed boost and loving my pre 1000x more now!
    This community rocks!!
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    Welcome! I'm sure you will love your Pre. I've had a Pre since the first week of its launch and I'm still enjoying it. I have a YouTube channel and I make tutorial videos for the Pre. So if you're interested, go check it out! - YouTube - PalmPreExpert's Channel

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