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    I was just wondering if this was possible, yes I have searched. A lot.

    But honestly, I'm bad at searching for things.

    So anyways, if you didn't see my post yesterday. My standard USB cord started smoking really bad, and almost fried my palm while it was connected. I went through 5 palm support people, all telling me to call the place where I bought it blah blah and have them call the palm tech. Which they refused cos 'it has never been done before'. They just ended up telling me I tampered and voided the warrenty. Which I didn't. ****ers.

    ANWYAYS ; rambling. D:

    is it possible to install IPK's without the USB through Internalz? From this website and such.
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    Not possible through Internalz - though I wish it was

    However I gather it's possible to do so manually using the command line (Terminal or Terminus) however this is advanced, and as I understand it doesn't employ AUPT - so very much not recommended.

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