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    Currently, I have 6 pages on my Pre Plus. I'm looking for either a shortcut or a patch that no mater what page you are on, your able to go back to your home page.

    Kinda something along the lines of the Ipod touch where you double click the "home button" and it brings you back to home screen. I looked at the Wrap Pages patch and thats not what I'm looking for.

    Maybe somewhere along the lines of if you are on page 4 for example and you double tap the gesture area its take you back to the home page. Personally, this makes way more sense then have to swipe to the right 3 times just to get back to page 1.

    Just my thoughts.
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    Check web os quick install, there are several choices for patches:
    reset to first page
    reset to middle page
    put tabs on the top for each page so you can select the page you want to go to without

    I haven't used any of these myself but there are plenty of posts by others in the forum who have.
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    I use the Launcher Page Selection Tabs patch. It gives you exactly that functionality, plus the same one-touch ability to go to any of your launcher pages.
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    I use the same patch.... as david, it works well, does take up a lil launcher page space w/ 4x4 on as well, so if I have notifications (or charging from PC), the bottom row of icons are partially in the fade, but can still be selected.

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