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    A couple of night ago I was texting and one of my texts wouldn't send. I'm used to this since I live out in the middle of no where and barely get service. This time though the message I was trying to send was grayed out, but the yellow triangle that pops up letting you know the message failed to send never appeared. Thinking nothing of it I attempted to send the message again with the same result. Frustrated, I swiped away the messaging application and noticed where the signal bars are supposed to be was the words Phone offline. So I restarted the phone with hope of it going away and returning to normal; no luck. Then I took the battery out and everything with no result. After restarting what seems like hundreds of time. I stupidly decided to do a full reset thinking that it would solve all my problems. Unfortunately it just rendered my pre completly useless. When it starts up it has the a little circle going round and round like it's loading and trying to connect to the network but it can't because of that damn phone offline message is still there. So it just eventually ends up at a screen that says:

    Phone Error
    Your phone is experiencing an error that cannot be resolved.

    Visit for help.

    My phone seems bricked.

    Am I going to have to buy a replacement phone or is there a fix out there?

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Have you tried running webos doctor yet?
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    I have also tried WebOS doctor once or twice with no avail.
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    odd, i'd try contacting sprint if you have a protection plan, if not call palm and they should replace it for you.

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