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    I've read some threads talking about the camera on the Pre Plus sucking. Does it? I've taken a number of pictures, just fooling around, and all look just fine to me. I was flying today and took some pictures out of the window (at 19,000 feet) and you could easily make out details on the ground. What's all the fuss about? Obviously, the camera on the Pre/Plus isn't going to substitute for a professional 12 mp digital camera, but it's not supposed to. Why do people complain about it so much? Is there anybody out there who bought this phone thinking they'd be able to perform professional photography with it (or any camera phone for that matter)?
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    The major problem is the lack of options when shooting pictures. And then you had thhe issue with new photos deleting old ones but that has been fixed now.
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    I always find it amusing when people get upset over the quality of the photo when using a mobile phone camera. They are just cheap cameras with flimsy lens. They produce average pictures, and that is to be expected.
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    It's a phone first, a 100 dollar point and shoot camera can put to shame even the best camera phones, if you want to take pictures break down and buy a cheap camera.
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    I own a Moto Droid and a Pre Plus; I keep going back to my Pre+ as videos and pictures look way better on my Pre. While the Droid has a 5 megapixel camera, the pictures have a bluish hue and blurry. I keep switching back and forth, but I think it is time for the Droid to hit eBay.
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    Pretty impressed with the camera so far, it is just a cell phone anyways...
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    Main issue is it doesn't autofocus, leading to images that aren't as sharp as they can be. This is particularly detrimental with OCR capabilities inherent with android, where you can read barcodes and business cards. And autofocusing ability is found even on cheap phones today, so this is really an inexcusable element with the Pre.
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    I am a photographer with at least 10 cameras including Canon XH-A1 and a Canon 5DMark2 and a variety of L Lenses. Camera is very good by me. I had a G1 and the autofocus camera was horrid.
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    the camera is actually very good. It can shoot pictures faster than our canon does, even with the flash on.

    The two big complaints are: no zoom (can't crop pics for upload to facebook, etc) and the shutter sound was way behind the actual shutter (should be fixed in last nights upgrade.

    If they would add zoom/crop and automatic red eye reduction, it would be my regular camera.
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    the pres camera app sucks it lags and it takes a long time to load some times even with the 800mhz patch >( but the pictures it takes are great

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