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    I just got my girlfriend a pixi. I have a Pre. Everybody says the pixi keyboard is better, but I disagree. The pixi keyboard is more clicky like everyone says, but the way the Pre's keyboard is curved and the buttons are more flush, I can type a lot faster and more accurate on my Pre.

    Am I alone here?
    An Iphone walks into a bar with a Palm Pre on it's shoulder. The bartender looks up and says, "Hey, that's pretty cool, where can I get one of those?" and the Palm Pre says "Hipstertown, they're all over the place"
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    Hah! No, you're not alone here.

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    I used to have a pixi, but now I have a Pre (with the comcache overclock kernel! - the speed at which webos was meant to run!)

    I definitely preferred the Pixi's keyboard, but I found myself in to many quiet situations where the clickiness was uncomfortable.

    Now that I've use the Pre for a couple of weeks I'm getting used to the keyboard.

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