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    I know there have been a number of brief posts regarding this, but I'm trying to gauge whether it is worth bringing my Pre for use while in Israel. What I'm hoping to use it for is solely for Phone Calls and Texts. I would block my e-mail and internet use.

    Or would it be a better option to just forget it and get a prepaid disposable phone there?

    Thanx, in advance, for any prompt responses...
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    All I can tell you is that it will work there. When I was there 5 years ago, I had my old Sprint CDMA phone, and had 5 bars signal virtually everywhere. I could receive phone calls but never tried to make one.
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    They may confiscate it at the border, so they can get wifi on their confiscated iPads.
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    it will PROBABLY work, i've heard that the only CDMA network is switching to GSM soon, so i don't know if it will still work. mine did when i went there last year. and unless you get a special plan for the long distance get ready for a big phone bill.

    edit* forgot this part.
    for a prepaid phone there, you need to put it on an existing account over there. and texts did NOT work for me while over there, once again, i just left my plan the way it was. the internet on the phone did not work regardless of the roaming, idk why, it just didn't.
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    I travel to Israel a lot. They have CDMA and GSM networks with good coverage so you can use your Pre but BEWARE: The rates for calls is very high. If you do use it for calls, call Sprint (or 9) ahead of time to arrange international rate. Still is like a buck fifty a minute. Without it it is like 2.50 a minute PLUS international roaming. Much more economical to rent a phone from or amigo etc.

    BUT if you want data... You can arrange with Sprint for unlimited data overseas for 50/month and better yet they will prorate (ie only pay the portion of 50 for the days you request the feature).

    So.. Best is... Rent aphone for voice but bring your Pre for data.

    Oh... Remember... Do NOT anser your Pre when anyone calls. But if you set up voice mail transcription through google voice or ribbit or youmail then you can read your voice mail and call back on the cheaper rental phone. Or better... Email them back and tell them to call your rental phone... Incoming calls on Israeli rental cell phones are free!

    Hope this helps.

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