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    So i have a gsm pre working on t mobile with a rebel sim in the US. I power the phone on and it shows "R" and i am assuming that's for roaming but it reads my t mobile sim card. I can't get pass the palm profile screen, i try creating a new profie and using my current one and it does not accept it, it ask me to enter my phone settings manually, which leads me to a screen asking for "APN, Username and Password"... I can make phone calls if i hit the "emegency call" button and i can also accept calls. Has anyone encountered this problem?
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    The APN, Username and Password are the settings for your GSM carrier's network. You need to enter them so it can establish a data connection to create your profile.

    I can't find any information about username & password - it's possible they can be left blank.
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    hhhmmm, doesnt seem to be working, i tried all of them.
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    I get an invalid internet apn settings message.

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