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    I am still within my 30 day return period.

    I don't know if I just never noticed it before or if something happened but the spacebar on my Pre does not have the discernible "click" feeling that the other keys have. Does anyone else have this situation with their Pre?

    Now, if I end up returning it, will the "Full Erase" option erase all of my personal data on the Pre or is there another recommended method?

    Lastly, my calendar and contacts are through Google, do I need to worry about losing any of this data when I get the new Pre? (I realize this may be a dumb question but just need to be sure). Will my Palm Profile be the same?

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    If you are still under your 30 days, I'm pretty you can take it back. If you are with Verizon, have the phone DOA and they'll give you a new one, just tell them that the space bar key is defective and not clicking; I did a DOA on my Pre Plus and they gave me a new one. I'm not sure about other carriers though.

    Yea I would just do the full erase its more easier. As far as your calendar and contacts, you don't need to worry about losing any of those data. When you activate your new phone, Palm will do an automatic restore of all your data including the apps installed on your previous phone. Just make sure to remember the credentials for your Palm Profile.
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    I am with Sprint.

    I just swapped the phone for a new one. The space bar on my prior phone was definitely broken.

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