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    For the record, the GPS on my Pre Plus has never once been able to locate me, neither before nor after updating to

    Anyway, I've got apps such as Where and AccuWeather Plus... both work just fine using Google Services.

    As for navigation...I've got a Garmin that I paid around $150 for a couple years ago that works perfectly and doesn't drain my phone's battery.

    So the question is... what's the big deal about the GPS on the Pre/Pre+? It seems to be one of the biggest complaints about the phone and, maybe I'm just missing something, but I don't get it.

    Is there some awesome array of apps out there that we're all missing out on because the GPS doesn't work (or works slowly)??
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    Alot of people don't like to pay for something that doesn't work. And make a lot of noise to i'm on Sprint works great for me
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    GPS on a phone with Google maps is very handy when you are walking around a city.
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    Wondered the same thing. Fun to play with but don't really need it to tell me I walked two blocks. Yes, for weather or shopping, Google location is fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by antonio3 View Post
    Alot of people don't like to pay for something that doesn't work. And make a lot of noise to i'm on Sprint works great for me
    Right, but Verizon customers are only paying for the GPS if they're subscribing to the VZ Navigator, and I've read claims that that works just fine.

    Quote Originally Posted by ADGrant View Post
    GPS on a phone with Google maps is very handy when you are walking around a city.
    Again, unless you're using VZ Navigator, does Google maps with Google services not perform the same function? You have your location, you can pan around and see where you need to go.
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    one less device to deal with in the car. Don't know why draining the battery in the car is a concern. Do you use your gps without plugging it in? Most likely not, so why would your phone be any different? Don't see that as a concern at all.

    also have acces to the entire adr book as well as quick searching via yellowbook or google. Why would I want to look up info on one device only to switch to another to get me there?

    there are also a lot of dash mounts and cradles for phones in the car. I'd prefer to just have the phone mounted and not the phone and gps especially if you only use it occasionally. My garmin sits in the glovebox now 99% of the time collecting dust.

    If you stick with the logic, why would people care how good of a media player is on the phone when a standalone player is so much better?
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    I have a Garmin in my car but having the GPS on my phone as well comes in handy lots of times.
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    I guess I'm just not understanding people's desire to be 100% dependent on their phone. Just because it CAN do something, doesn't mean I necessarily want to use that function.

    I'm big on battery life, so for me, I'm trying to stay clear of the functions that use a lot of juice. I have GPS in my car and music on my computer... so those functions are already covered for me. No need to put the extra strain on the battery, as I don't want to have to worry about battery usage throughout the day. If I can get by on charging once per day (or less), then I'm good.

    Seriously, though, some things just make no sense to me about people's reliance on their phone. The 2 page thread about the intermittent alarm clock is a perfect example. Instead of complaining that your alarm doesn't go off, that it's made you late on more than one occasion... how hard is it to embrace a viable alternative, spend $10 for an alarm clock, and be done with it?

    I'm new to the smart phone crowd, so I probably just don't get it.
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    ^ So why don't you just have a feature phone. The purpose of this phone for me is Convergence. More features in fewer devices.
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    Mine isn't precise either but it's not a big deal for me. My car has built-in GPS that I'll use to get somewhere when I need to. That said, I can definitely see why someone who doesn't have GPS would want it to work on their phone. Not to mention if it is supposed to do something, it should do it. Verizon needs to make this work. It doesn't seem to be a Palm issue. It seems to be some sort of conflict (intentional or unintentional) between other GPS reliant applications and VZ Navigator. I think that's what's most disappointing to me... is that this is something Verizon is causing and not doing anything about. And if they're doing it on purpose to try to get people to buy their service then it's even worse.
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    Lot's of apps like:
    1. Where's My Pre?
    2. Golf Pin Finder
    3. Accuweather
    4. Find My Car
    5. Yelp

    Many, many more that utilize location services

    It's not necessary, but a great convenience. If all the other phones have it, we want ours as well!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    ^ So why don't you just have a feature phone. The purpose of this phone for me is Convergence. More features in fewer devices.
    I do use a lot of the functions of this phone that aren't available on standard feature phones, and I'm doing more with it every day. As I said, I'm still new to the smart phone crowd... I'm working my way into the mindset

    But I'll tell you the 100% honest reason why I upgraded to a smart phone.

    I had the LG EnV2 (great phone for messaging, which I do a lot of), and my wife had the Samsung Intensity (piece o crap). I was due for an upgrade, so I told her that I'd upgrade, she could have the EnV2, and we'd be set.

    Verizon re-classed the vast majority of their full keyboard phones as "3G Multimedia Phones" and added a $9.99 data plan requirement. A data plan that did not include texts.

    So I ranted about the fact that I refused to pay for something that I had no intention of using, especially when it's not even a smart phone (was going for the EnV3). Figured if I had to get a data package, I might as well get a phone that can use that data package better than a messaging phone.

    And here we are. I got a phone I love, and I'm using the hell out of it to get my money's worth out of the $29.99 required data package
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    the problem with the GPS on the Verizon Pre Plus is that if you don't buy the monthly Verizon Navigation software, GPS doesn't work very well on the phone (it usually doesn't work at all unless you open VZ Nav and minimize it - for some people at least). It basically means using any GPS related apps (some mentioned in above post) are just not going to work.

    It originally bothered me also that purchasing a smartphone REQUIRES you to purchase a data plan (this is a whole other conversation), but nevertheless here we are paying more for a data plan that doesn't including texting. What upsets people more is that this still isn't enough for Verizon, so they want you to pay $10 a month for their GPS software. What even gets me more irritated is why they make you pay $10 a month. GPS is not a subscription service and neither should their software be. If they just had a $10 one time fee, I'd probably pay for it (I would've been annoyed) and just have gotten over this hurdle. But no, instead Verizon makes you pay $10 a month to use their software, which apparently for most is the only way to get GPS to work on the Pre Plus.

    Sprint's Pres work fine (majority) with GPS and have very accurate positioning. This is definitely Verizon's doing. In addition, people using the AT&T version of the Pre Plus also said GPS is working fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScorpionSoul View Post
    So the question is... what's the big deal about the GPS on the Pre/Pre+?
    1) Well, let's take a simple answer -- not everyone has that couple year old $150 Garmin in their car, nor do they want to buy one when the fancy new phone they just got claimed it will work like a Garmin.

    2) Your Garmin works great in YOUR car, but what happens when you are with a buddy who doesn't have a Garmin and you need to know how to get somewhere?

    3) Your Garmin works great in your CAR, but what happens when you are on the golf course and want to know how far it is to carry the lake and not hit the bunker behind the green? GolfPinFinder rocks!!!

    4) Tagging pictures with GPS coordinates opens up all sorts of possibilities with photo album software.

    5) You're right, Google Services works great when you need a "general location" (like a zip code for weather, etc.), but when you need more detailed location for things like Geocaching, just know you are in a town is not going to help you find that cache!

    6) I rent a lot of cars (part of my job), and sorry to say buy many have speedometers that are way off -- so, I use GPS Dashboard to know exactly how fast I am going via GPS.

    7) GeoStrings -- location based reminders! Always forget the Tuesday is "Wing Tuesdays" at BWW? Set a reminder so that when you are near BWW and it is a Tuesday that your phone reminds you of this promotion.

    8) Ever find that perfect fishing hole out in the middle of the lake and want to find your way back? "Go To Tool" is an excellent way of setting and sharing GPS locations. It isn't all about driving you know!!

    9) Family Locator service (Sprint), want to know where your 16 year old son is at 11:30pm when he was supposed to be home at 10 pm? Send out a location request and know right where he his. (Of course my son does not have a Pre ;-), but his phone works with GPS too, and if he does get a Pre he will still be able to use this).

    10) Of course, because its cool!! So many GPS devices are expensive (Car devices, golf satellite things, hiking tools, etc.), why not take advantage of the one that comes with your phone!!!

    Oh well, if you like it you will use it, if you don't, know that it is always there when you need to call 911.

    I have Sprint service and my GPS has been outstanding since day 1, I really feel bad for VZW people who have yet to see decent GPS at all. I only hope this latest release fixes those issues for them so they get as excited as I am!!!
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    Well. Bottom line is that if I have a certain function on my phone, I want it to work and I want it to work well and superb. I paid too much for this phone already, now everyone is getting it for almost nothing. I paid 287.56, minus 100 rebate which took them 4 months to send back, that's 187.56

    Now I see it on other sites for 0.00 or 49.99. Btw, I signed a 2 year plan too. It gets on my nerves when the gps can't locate me and google services is very slow!

    Does the Pre's GPS and google services require a strong data connection?
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    Ok, all good stuff.. that's what I was looking for.

    Like I said, still new.. still learning. Just wanted to know what it was all about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    Never had an issue with GPS. I hope you know it does not work in doors and requires a clear view of the sky. GPS is great for turn by turn gps service that sprint offers at no additional price. It has come in handy on several occasions.

    There is also a car charger and the good thing about Spint GPS is it keeps up to date and even gives traffic.

    Oh you have Verizon.
    If you're referring to me, I have a sprint Pre. And does anyone know if google services and GPS require a strong EV connection?
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    For me my car has an in dash GPS that I use most of the time, and my wife has a Moto Droid that she uses for GPS (which works great so the stand alone GPS she used to use just sit in the glove box). But a few weeks ago I had to drive our one car that doesn't have GPS and needed to get directions to somewhere and since my phone didn't know where I was at it told me to go the wrong way to start the trip. Since I knew the area I was going to and just needed final directions it wasn't a big deal but if I have this happen somewhere I don't know anything about it will be very annoying.

    I don't use the GPS on my phone very often (not even for apps.) but when I do I need it to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScorpionSoul View Post
    Like I said, still new.. still learning. Just wanted to know what it was all about.
    Hey -- welcome to the club!! I learn something new about this phone everyday!!

    I look back, one year and wonder how I did what I did without this phone. I look back five years and wonder how I lived with the cheap phone (by today's standards) I had then. I look back 25 years and wonder how in the world I lived without a cell phone....
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