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    Im about to buy me a new Phone. The last 6 years i used Windows Mobile Phones and had to decide between Android and Palm. Palm won. As i buy this in Germany i get it unlocked and contract free, but the Plus costs 150EUR (~200USD) more than the older Standard Pre. Are the advantages of the Plus worth that much money?
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    more memory is better and more ram is better
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    Yes, Pre + is better. More memory means you can open more programs at once. And apps run better. And keyboard is better.
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    How much different is the slide action? My (GSM) Pre keeps sticking if I don't apply the pressure at precisely the right point when opening one-handed, and wondering whether the Plus is really that different? Anybody had both to compare?
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    If given the choice and I was planning on keeping the phone for the loooong haul, I would pick the Plus. More RAM and clickyer keyboard are good things.
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    I have a pre, but recommend the plus. More memory, more storage, better keyboard, etc.
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    Ihave the original Pre, get the Plus it's more robust but essentially the same as the Pre.
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    The extra storage and RAM on the Plus are great, but not worth an extra $200 IMO. I would go with the original Pre.
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    I would really miss the center button, but I suppose I could get used to not having it.
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