View Poll Results: Did the update fix your Keyboard/GPS issues?

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  • Keyboard Fixed Yay!!!

    30 39.47%
  • Keyboard much better but still some doubles and dropped letters

    27 35.53%
  • Keyboard the same

    3 3.95%
  • GPS Now Working!!!

    20 26.32%
  • GPS the same as before the update

    33 43.42%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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  1. BeeRad's Avatar
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    My GPS is borked worse than before. This is BS. I am Prewared and patched as well.
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    I found that the GPS wasn't working very reliably before the update. Now, for all applications EXCEPT google maps, the GPS works brilliantly once I've done the VZ Nav open and decline deal. That is, until the phone is restarted. Once VZ Nav gets the GPS going, it seems to stay going unless I rely on google maps. I think the google maps app has something wrong and may tend to put the GPS back to sleep or something. Once I have opened VZ Nav once, I can use the GPS interactive test, Trapster, and YPMobile all day long and they give me a fix. The GPS interactive test is the true test as it gives you actual readings only if it gets a GPS lock. No confusion with cell tower triangulation possible.

    I tried an experiment when I ran google maps first (no GPS lock, just triangulation) then opened VZ Nav and the GPS started locking in pretty accurately, getting down to about 10ft. Then it just suddenly went back to triangulation and the GPS interactive test couldn't get a lock. Closed google maps, re-ran VZ Nav start up (declined and closed) then ran GPS interactive tests and got a lock. Kept trying for several minutes after that. Just went back outside again, after another fifteen minutes, and it's still giving me coordinates. I did notice that inside my house it's more tenuous than outside. But once google maps flips to triangulation, GPS won't work for me until I restart VZ Nav.

    I wish someone would track down the exact issue and get it resolved. I think I can drive with google maps without too many problems, but once I loose a signal, I know I'm going to have to re-run VZ Nav and start google maps back up. That's a pain.
  3. vreihen's Avatar
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    The place where the keyboard problem manifested itself the worst was in an X-term window. About 25% of the time, typing a / character resulted in a line of //////// as it repeated itself until I pressed another key to stop the repeat. It appears that they were having problems with the key-up (released) scan code event, and have now fixed the problem.....
  4. tallarob's Avatar
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    I want to update my reply on the GPS. It appears to be working great. I played golf yesterday and used one of the GPS pin locators and it worked very well - acquisition time was almost instantaneous.
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    one of the "keyboard was never a problem" members here....
  6. KJ78's Avatar
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    keyboard is good. just a few drops and doubles but within expectations. GPS takes some nudging sometimes, having wifi on helps, it takes a minute to get a fix. sometimes doing the "decline vz nav" helps lock down a fix. i have trouble getting any fix w/ less than 30 meter error but its good enough for directions but not high precision gps use.
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    It seems that my keyboard is responding MUCH better after the update. However i noticed that as soon as i applied my 720mhz overclock kernal back to it the problem came right back. So now i'm back to the default 500.... has anyone else noticed this?
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