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    So, as a disclaimer, I am fairly new to the world oh Pre patching and homebrew. But I consider myself pretty computer savy and have been able to solve my own issues. But this one has got me scratching my head.

    A couple of weeks ago my phone had told me it needed to reset itself. It is a message I had not encountered before or since. My phone had various patches when the phone reset.

    After the reset, I had to enter all my Palm profile info, etc, just as if I had doctored it. But thing is, all my installed patches were still there. And after running WOSQI and Preware, neither could recognize that any patches were installed. I even ran the emergency reconstruction utility through Preware.

    So basically, is there anything I can do to get Preware and WEBOSQI to recognize these patches, short of doctoring?
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    if it doesn't reconize the patches and if EPR didn't take them off then all you can do is dr ur phone.

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