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    Hey guys,

    thought I'd sign up here after the recent events with HP lately.

    Thing is... I have been thinking about getting the Pre Plus (not a Pre / Pixi user at the moment, I have the n900 and I am not all that happy with it as it's a bit to clunky and also "experimental" for me). The Pre (Plus) looks like a good alternative to me. It's becoming available sometime today or tomorrow for orders on O2 Germany online, so I am bound to wait and make a decision anyway.

    I am wondering about what the latest happenings with HP will mean for product support and the like though? Can we realistically expect that HP will support Palm's old products?

    Would you guys just go ahead and get one or rather wait a bit to see how things turn out? Problem is that I really need... well, no ... want a new one. ^^

    Thanks everyone!
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    From what I have read it sounds as if they are letting Palm operate as an entity within HP. So everything should be covered for you. Hard to predict the future but they did let Rubenstein stay and supposedly everyone else of technical merit at least. They are supposedly just providing capital for Palm to crank it up a bit. I am sure they will "nudge" them into a direction that they want (slates/tablets) as well.
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    give it a try, you will love webos. best os out and it so young.
    Palm prē-ist.
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    WebOS is not old product from Palm, it is the newest and best multitasking, multiple-touch OS out there that has the potential to rival iPhone OS and best of all is that it's kernel runs on Linux platform, why Apple's iPhone OS on the other hand altough they (Apple) are the innovator of multiple-touch concept, Apple is always keeping it's platform whithin it's inner-circle (an example is the unwillingness to add FLASH), in contrast WebOS is open source OS and will benefit more with it's SDK Mojo and the new financial backing of HP. The new Hpalm.
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    guys, i think we can safely say, palm is gonna call the shots about palm products. It's just the way rubenstein and the company are. We know they're proud. We know they wouldn't enter into an agreement whereby they just get absorbed. If they were after huge acquisitions and payouts they would've been with other companies.

    Also, HP bought palm as-is. It was the whole reason they wanted it. If they were planning on screwing it up, they would've just got android and made their own ipaqs.

    Have faith people.
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    oh, and to OP - this is the rule of thumb i'm using:

    if you own a webos device, wait and see what happens with the merger.
    if you don't own a webos device, GET ONE NOW.
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    Thanks everyone for the input. I went ahead and ordered the Pre Plus earlier today. Too bad that I'll likely have to wait till next weekend or even longer for it to as I am going to be traveling for a few days.

    Anyway, looking forward to it!
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    One additional perspective. Just look at hp's recent software acquisitions, they've continued to develop and enhance the products. They didn't spend 1.2B to alienate existing customers. At some point the pre's will be end of life, but not yet and not just after the acquisition.
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    I'm waiting for the ATT Pre release, been waiting since the Pre first hit Sprint. Right now I'm using a Google N1, it's perhaps more powerful than the Pre Plus, but the Pre IMHO has a better OS and software ecosystem. Most of the Stuff on Android is crap, I only use one or two apps regularly.

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