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    I would like to get a skin on my pre to cut back on the scratches but I am afraid none of them will work with the touchstone charger and I really dont want to be taking it on and off all day.

    Anyone have any experience with this? DO any skins work with the charger?

    or is there a front only cover I can get(excluding standard screen shields which I already have)
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    I have a ding from DiNG LIFE ยป which protects it quite well on the front and back. The only caveat is that it's not clear, it's like a designer skin. I picked a ding because I wanted the design but I'm pleased as punch with the protection, and yes it does work with the touchstone.
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    I believe phantom skinz work with touchstones as well
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    I have phantom skinz they work with the touchstone. Sometimes I have to move it around to get it in the right spot for it to connect and begin charging but it works.
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    I have the Seidio Innocase Surface, and it works great with the touchstone.

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