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    In using the phone over the course of the day today, the touchscreen became unresponsive to any pushes and I basically couldn't do anything on the phone. I also noticed that the slider wouldn't answer calls anymore. The keyboard and exterior buttons still work, though. I called customer service and they offered to replace the phone, but stated that the phone be inspected and if there were any signs of physical damage, they would charge me the full price of the replacement phone. I've had a crack at the bottom near the center button for months that hasn't affected the phone at all. I know that the center-button cracking is a known issue, but I'm worried that someone at sprint will take a look at the phone and say I damaged it and charge me "200-500" dollars. In that case, I'd rather pay the $100 through TEP. Has anyone had experience with advanced exchanges and phones that had small cracks? Thanks in advance.
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    You might be able to get away with calling palm and getting the warranty threw them. You do have a 1 year warranty with them and don't have to go with sprint. Give them a call and see what they say, if nothing then go to sprint and try them.
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    That happened to me once. I pulled the battery and restarted, and it was fine again. It was a scary moment. I'm still on my first Pre and I want to stay that way.
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    Thanks. I'm going to try my luck at one other Sprint store. I was flat denied earlier today due to the crack. I was definitely surprised when the phone rep told me that they were going to evaluate my phone after I sent it back and determine whether or not it had been damaged above "normal wear and tear." Not so much that it would be checked, but that if they determined that I abused it, they would just charge me without would just appear on my bill. I wasn't willing to risk it right away.
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    same thing happened to me yesterday, i was so worried i was going to lose all of my stuff on my phone. I was rying to find a way to enable usb drive without the screen, and finally tried the battery and it fixed it.

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