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    HP owns Compaq which markets iPaq PDAs and smartphones (running Windows mobile).
    With HP behind Palm, will they be able to market WebOS devices globally and independently of carriers?
    I mean it is high time Palm sells unlocked GSM devices in volume worldwide. When WebOS is popularised globally, then only will carriers in the AsiaPac and other regions be more confident about committing to WebOS phones/subsidy plans.
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    I'm cautiously optimistic that this will be the case.
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    but will HP's global approach be retroactively applied to our geo-restricted phones and Palm profiles?

    my sense is that Palm will largely function independently from HP, and will continue to support and sell the current lineup of webOS devices. What might happen is that HP will then stick webOS on their own branded devices. so the acquisition's great for webOS, not good for Palm as a brand name ...? time will tell.

    but yes, doubtlessly, webOS will be official Asia-Pac, sooner than later now!
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    Yesterday, my free apps count went from 140 to 480.
    And al of a sudden my Pre started to develop wobbly buttons.
    It's all very positive...

    Why don't they buy Cypress Semiconductor while they're at it?
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    I am hopeful as well. I imagine the whole unsupported country thing is related to tax laws. Since HP already has tax setups in most countries, I'm hoping the app store can just piggy back on those.
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    well basically, if they bring out new devices and allow app catalog purchases for them in diff countries, it'd mean enabling those countries generally. the app store's the same store regardless of device, it's just the access. i.e. if they enable australian credit card purcahses for a new device, it'd work for old ones.
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    I'm following the development of this hoping to see paid apps go globaly as soon as the buyout is complete. And I also hope that the Palm pople staying on works to continnue the WebOS uppdates as before. I mean the Pre now, is beond great but there are a few quirks left to sort out before they stop suporting those great devices we now have. HP! launch globaly and keep uppdating, this thing has enormus potetial. Other
    wise I can allways go back to my SE W810i and Palm Tungsten 3.
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