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    Hi,the problem is that my top bar disappeared when I've installed a patch for showing the battery % next to the battery icon.I've installed 2 more patches-Flash in video mode and showing the battery temperature in the device menu.I can't remove the battery % patch and my top bar is gone... What should I do to take it back?Thanks.
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    The reboot didnt fix the problem but the EPR did.THANKS for the fast response.I was afraid that I should use the Doctor
    Edit:Now my camera is not working and the device menu is litttle messed up,there is 2 empty fields-one is for the brightness and the other i dont know..
    Edit2:Camera problem solved,now online the device menu is little messed up but not a big problem How can I get a screenshot of my phone?
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    Hi,any suggestions how to fix the device menu?
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