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    It's awesome! Not one key has doubled typed nor has it missed a key. The battery life is better and response time of the phone is so much faster. My first pre had a warrenty date of 1-13, this one is 4-20. I'm so glad I listened to you all and took mine back....thanks!
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    Same here... my first one was Feb of this year. My new one is 4-15 and the keyboard seems a million times better.
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    Just returned my 2nd Pre for the "d" key missing and it's now doing it on the new one's (04-17) "c" key. I have owned / used countless small devices / phones and have never seen issues like this on brand new units especially. Maybe it'll break in (the other one seemed to get worse) or an update can help but I doubt it. I think my next step will be to contact Palm directly.....

    EDIT: It's "double-typing" now too. I just played with my wife's Pre for a bit and it seemed to work wonderfully. *** is going on with these phones?
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