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    So I'm within my 30 day "trial" period for Verizon and my Pre Plus has already developed a twist effect that just seems to be getting worse and of course the keyboard issue (I realize they say there's a fix coming but I'll believe it when I see it). On top of that the power button at the top is now loose and wiggle (no I didn't just sit around and wiggle it) and the screen doesn't always respond now when I press the power button to wake it up.

    Long story short, I've decided I'm going to take it in and swap it for a new one (I have to make a trip to Verizon any way so that they can fix an error they made when setting up my phone). But I want it to be just that... a new one. There's no way I want a refurb for a phone I've had less than a month. I see people on here saying they got a refurb or a new one and I was just curious A) what does Verizon normally give you in a case like this and B) how is it marked to show it's a refurb?

    I also just wanted to add that this site has been immensely helpful for me. I've learned a lot about the Pre (good and bad), webOS, apps, homebrew, etc. This really is a great resource for Pre owners and I've actually directed a co-worker of mine whose wife has a Pre to this site for information.
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    within 30 days you are entitled to a new one. But, you might want to go to a different store (I always recommend you call VZ support and avoid the stores)...

    Because if there was a bad batch, then every one in that store probably has the same problem...
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    I just returned mine within the 30 days and got a new one. You can dial ##rtn# and it has whether or not it is refurb and the warrenty date. Good luck bc I had to go through two stores and finally had to call verizon to get one sent to me.

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