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    I'm not sure what happened exactly... A while ago I had a theme installed, and then I installed another before removing the first. Now I have no default theme when I delete delete the other... I've read around and it seems the sure fire fix is to Doctor the phone... I have no problem with that, but will it delete my pictures and contacts and such? Is there anyway to back those up if that's the case? And... completely off subject... Is there anyway to unlink certain Facebook contacts? Or, at the very least, keep from receiving the annoying notifications about presents and/or friend of the day... It's all very annoying.
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    An added note.. I'll have to setup my phone through Verizon again, right?
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    I've doctored my Pre+ a number of times for various reasons. It will reset your phone to factory condition. Your pictures should be fine and your contacts will be restored after you go through the setup process.

    To get rid of the annoying Facebook updates, uninstall the facebook app and instead use the web and go to
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    I figured that would be the case... I like the app quite a bit... I just hate having my contact book filled up with useless people...

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