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    I'm still within my 30 day window of switching over to Sprint and ditching the blackberry I got when I signed up for the Palm Pre. I started playing with it in the store the other day and started really liking it. I used to have an iPhone so I always thought the Pre was some half-baked silly competing phone. It's really quite amazing.

    It's difficult for someone like me to get caught up on all the recent updates and news stories about the Pre since most reviews were done a year ago when the phone just came out and I know so much has changed since then. With that being said, I'm excited to have learned of all the new stuff that has come out for the Pre and the increasing size of the App Catalog.

    All that being said, I'm a little worried about the huge thread on another forum about cracked screens. Is there anyone out there who doesn't have a cracked screen?? Has the build quality improved at all? I guess I'm just looking for someone to calm my nerves.
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    Ok, let me preface this by saying that I am very careful with my devices. I always keep my phone in the case it came with whenever it is not in my hand. I always slide it open and closed gently, and it is very rare that I drop it. The only time I dropped it, it was in it's case and suffered no damage. Needless to say, I have do dings, dents, cracks, or scratches on my device. Take care of it, and it'll take care of you. I've had my phone since August of last year, so I was one of the early adopters.
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    I've had my pre since August and haven't had any problems. It has been dropped and not even a blemish. It is the best phone I've owned.
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    I have had my Palm Pre for about 6 months. Have not had it replaced, nor have I had any issues with software or hardware....knock on wood :-)

    Take that back, I did have software problem once and that's because I did read the patch installed instructions carefully! I had to used the Doctor for the first time (LOL)
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    Most of what you are reading is the vocal minority. Most people who have the Palm Pre have had no issues with their hardware, this includes those who got theirs on release day almost a year ago. This is not to say that the hardware may not have any issues but that as long as you are aware that this is nothing you wouldn't expect from any other phone you will be fine.

    There does seem to be a weird trend that certain people go through 6 or more phones but most people (>95%) either need 1 replacement or none at all.
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    I have the original stock version that I purchased Day One. No problems with the hardware whatsoever, but I do "baby" it.
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    I think if you read a thread about cracked screens, of course only those that have them will fill the thread. With thouands of Pres sold I would have to say the majority of screens have not cracked. But like with any device that has a screen, there IS a certain level of owner responsibility that comes with it, to preserve any fragile or delicate parts of that device.

    I have had my Pre since July, and have had no problems at , until just recently with a small issue of the power button sorta flattening out. I took it the the sprint store, and they are aware of the issue. They have me on a call back, for when one comes back, they can take that little part and fix it for me.

    Id say, if you like it go for it , its fun!
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    I've had my phone since September.. USB door is long gone & the power button died a month or so back, but I've never had any problem with my screen cracking.. however, as much as I love WebOS, I'd be lying if I said I was happy with the hardware.
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    I've had mine since 6/6/09 -- no cracks. In fact, no hardware problems at all (knock on wood).
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    I've had my Pre since last June and haven't had a problem with the hardware.
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    Build Quality (TM)?
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    I've had mine for 1.5 months and it was babied. I still developed the "Oreo-twist" in this short time. Sadly, the babying didn't stop me from dropping mine last night (it was in it's Palm pouch) and there is now a crack and a missing part of plastic on the top of the phone Drop aside, the phone feels very weak and is easily the most fragile phone i've ever owned - so buy accordingly. Still won't stop me from using this one till the top twists off, then replacing it with another Pre or/hopefully a Pre2.
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    I've had mine since the day it came out. No problems here with the screen cracking. I don't particularly "baby" it, but I do have one of those bodyguardz screen protecting it. I am aware of its vulnerability since it's a touch screen so I try to keep up with it, but I usually just toss it in my purse or pants pocket without giving it another thought (maybe I'm asking for trouble, I dunno). Oh, and I have dropped it once or twice and there's been no issue. In the interest of full disclosure, I do have a small oreo twisting thing going on but it's no biggy to me. Also, I've not had any software issues.
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    still on my first pre. i have dropped it more times than i'd like to admit, onto concrete more often than not. this includes having it in my shirt pocket while bunny hopping my bike over a chain that was blocking off a parking lot. on this occurance the phone came flying out of my pocket, went well above my head, and hit the sidewalk. between all of the times that is has impacted the sidewalk/parking lot all that has happened is some scratching. none on the screen, thank goodness.
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    Had mine since Palm release date. Love it so much that I got my wife one yesterday.
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    I had the Plus for 30 days from Verizon and turned it in because I could not stomach the monthly fees. I had no problems with the phone at all. In fact, I really liked it. Moved to Sprint (much cheaper for me) and got the Pre. It has been a substantially different experience. The main, and most aggravating, problem I have had with the Pre is the phone randomly turning off. At first I thought it was operator error, ie accidentally hitting power button, but that is not the case. In fact the problem is occurring more than ever. Also the build does not feel as solid on the Pre as it did on the Plus. I'm not sure I suffer from the dreaded Oreo effect (still not quite sure what that is) but there is definitely lateral play on the slider. Finally, the touch screen does not feel as responsive. this last problem may just be in my head, but It sometimes takes several touches to get the phone to respond.

    I am going to take this Pre back to Sprint and hope I just got a lemon, because, as I stated earlier, I really liked the Plus, and want to make the Pre work.
    We will see.
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    Craigjenh -- sounds like you may have an older battery. Try either getting a newer battery or using an old piece of a business card to wedge the battery in tighter -- since I added my paper, I haven't had an unwanted reset.

    Back to the OP -- launch week Pre here, no issues, never exchanged, screen still awesome as is hardware/software (some allowance given as this was an early adopter device).
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    Have there been any hardware revision on the Sprint Pre. I believe under the ##786# code it shows Hardware Revision A. Is there a B or something else newer?
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    I've had mine since July and I take moderate care of it. It's been dropped quite a few times and I absolutely use the crap out of it. I have no special case to keep it in nor do I have a protective skin on it.... there are a few scratches on it and a little bit of oreo/wobble, but nothing more than that.

    I am thoroughly satisfied with the quality of my Pre.
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    I had four Pre phones. The launch phones sucked. They have an off-white pearly button. The newer ones with a silver button are much easier to type on and won't give you many problems.


    Bell finally told me to replace my phone with the iphone. It's been a different world. Ugh.

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