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    You are GUARANTEED to be disappointed. I'm not like some of the guys here I just went through 3 phones and I'm done. WebOS is one of the best OS before iPhone 4.0 but Palm hardware is GARBAGE. I can safely say a $20 brand-new phone off eBay will last 2 times longer than Palm Pre, if not longer.

    If I'm you I will hang on to the BB for now and wait for next HP-Palm product, then consider switching. I did made a switch 6 month ago from iPhone and I just bought another 3GS few days ago because I need a phone that works. So the total cost for me to test the water is $620, if that's acceptable to you, go with it.

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    Worst. Phone. Ever.
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    i had issues in the past. (it was a beta device, however) a speaker failure, a non responsive touchscreen, bad memory module (after loosing it in a snowy driveway for a week, .... and a tire track across the screen still worked but the mem crapped out) then the refurbs sent by assurian/sprint were either activated under someone else's account or the phones sent to me under refurb were sent defective. talked to palm and got a new phone and absolutely no problems since. build dates (stated many times) after mid december are great phones.

    dont forget, (myself included) people come here and post their complaints and concerns about issues... alot, we have a very active wonderfully knowledgeable support community.

    by the way, webos is the key, even if the hardware does "suck" if its sprint and the main line you are eligable for a new phone 12 months later and the warranty from palm is 12 months sooo... considering the backup capabilities available now, i dont see any reason to not get a pre.

    hope it helps you decide.
    Palm prē-ist.
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    Pre\Pixi are brand new devices. When the "jebusPhone" was launched, they had more than their share of hardware issues as well. The difference is they grab each other and run out back to whisper about it.... And Pre users (trolls, shills, crybabies) run out on the front lawn screaming as loud as they can about it.

    Read Away...

    Analyst: Apple iPhone screen problems may get worse – the dreaded “dead strip”

    Apple iPhone users reporting unresponsive multi-touch displays

    Are iPhone 3Gs developing cracks? -- Engadget

    (see my sig link too)
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    Thanks a lot guys! Appreciate all the feedback! My Pre arrived today in the mail and I was a little skeptical at first but now that it's done updating and syncing and charging and whatnot it's really quite amazing. I am really digging it! There are some things that take getting used to especially since I've been through a LOT of phones this year. Few things I don't find intuitive but I'm workin' with it!

    Couple things I noticed were that I thought you could launch someone's fb profile from contacts but apparently you can't. Also, I noticed if you open an email with a LONG thread the phone really hangs. Also, the phone can get very hot when downloading and updating the OS. The center button doesn't seem to be as bright as I thought I saw it in the store. More of a dull brightness.

    But seriously what an amazing phone! It's really a powerhouse and I'm still getting the hang of it. I'm really excited and happy about my purchase. It's so fast and the browser is great too. The BB was just too clunky and slow. It was a worky phone not a fun phone.
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