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    An app that I would LOVE if it was available = something that would tell me when I am out and about where the nearest U.S. Mail Box drop is. Not necessarily the closest post office (which many GPS devices have), but the closest mail box. It would also be killer to have the final daily mail pick-up time for each box, but that might be overkill.

    I suppose even the data for a mailbox finder might be difficult to assemble across huge regions. I've noticed over the past five years that fewer and fewer boxes are out there, so I don't know how long the data would remain up to date.

    Anyway - the thought just struck me as I have to take my wife to an out of town doctor appointment this afternoon and also have a few items from the office to mail out. Don't know if I can get out in enough time to swing by the local post office, but it would be nice if I knew the location of the box closest to her doctor's office.

    Just my app brainstorm of the day. Maybe mentioning it in here will make some ambitious developer take ownership of the idea and put something together. ... or not.
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    I haven't seen any apps for that but it's a good idea. In the meantime, you could try this site I just found with a quick google search

    Mailbox Map Mobile - A google mashup to locate blue USPS mailboxes, Post Offices and UPS Stores

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