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    So I need a new phone, and i have always admired the pre ever since it launched with sprint. im on verizon so we finally got the palr pre plus which makes me happy...any ways i need a new phone till i can upgrade again so i will be buying the phone full price or craigslist or ebay or wherever i can find it. I just want to know if i should? or get the droid incredible. I love the pre because of its physical keyboard and web os, bu ti keep reading about the battery life sucks really bad and that alot are defective. Being that where i live verizon has horrible service and where i am currently training for work i have equally as bad service weill that make my batteer life even worse than ppl say? i just want honest input thanks.
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    Short answer is no.

    Come back once palm creates a 'finished' product.
    I can't believe palm released the pre in its current state.

    Unless your a coder who loves trying to fix broken stuff, then get something else.
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    I was a die hard WM fan and didn't like that my Touch Pro was being replaced my a Pre. But after getting it I love it, the only thing I wish for is future app development continues. I tried a few friends droid phones and a emulator on WM, and graphically the Pre smokes it, it's the only phone I've seen comparable to the iphone. I only wish there was an alternative browser/video player, but that falls into the app development thing I talked about. The battery I'm still on the fence about, it's not terrible, but not great. After reading this site I've heard people have better success after the battery cycles a few times. hope that helps
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    You won't know til you've used one. There's your answer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by remusomega View Post
    Short answer is no.

    Come back once palm creates a 'finished' product.
    I can't believe palm released the pre in its current state.

    Unless your a coder who loves trying to fix broken stuff, then get something else.
    Do not listen to this person he obviously doesn't know what he's talking about since joining this month. It's current state is a pretty well rounded phone. I thought 1.0.3 which was sprints first release was good just lacking features. I'd go in to a store and see how it feels but remember they are display models which are always screwed with. Does Verizon do any money back guaranty's? If they do go ahead and try it and see what you think.
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    i have tried it in the store and i absolutely loved it, and i dont plan on buying it from verizon...
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    verizon- $35 restocking fee if you don't like it.
    poor service=worse battery life, there are tweaks (search). WI-FI is key for me and I'm heavy on web, IM, email, text. my 3G service is great outside, but inside our tin can it sucks. the Pre Plus is great for me, vivid screen, REAL keyboard, compact size. i've not modified it much at all and love the fact that i can if i want to. it takes great pictures and video. watching video is great as well (you tube, you just have to work around the battery really. I got 2 Pre pluses for $50 on our new every two, so i'm not sure how much i'd pay for retail tho.
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    If you've read through this site, you'll see all the good and the bad. Some people couldn't seem to live without their Pre. While others think it's a horrible device. That's just the nature of forums. I think the truth is to be found somewhere in the middle. I'd give the Pre hardware a grade of "C". There are plenty of posts about the issues (oreo, usb door, headphone jack, cracks, etc). However, I'd give the software a solid "A". Multitasking is outstanding. and there seem to be more and more relevant apps added on a regular basis.

    If you're looking to get one from Sprint, I might say wait. As many of their stores seem to be shying away from replacing broken Pres with another Pre. RS is not going to offer the Sprint Pre anymore, and you can get them for almost nothing at BB. It seems to me that this 1st edition of the Pre is being phased out. That leads me to believe that Sprint will either offer the Pre/Pixi Plus in June (probably when Verizon loses exclusivity), or there is something new on the horizon. If you plan to stay with Verizon, I'd get one. Chances are, even if something new comes to Sprint, it will take a bit before it makes its way to Verizon.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I would think if your concerns are hardware you are probably best served to buy it from VZ. A friend just got a pre + from vz and I used it and it was solid. No issues...not even that double typing issues that is probably being fixed by today anyway. Your call. If you are going used you can prob flip it if you dont like it. Give yourself a good week of playing with it, adjusting things, to make your judgment.
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    Why would you keep verzion if you get bad service in the most places you be? Having a Pre + bad service = bad battery life!
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    Were far too close to new phones and updates to buy anything now.

    Ignoring that Palm is in major trouble is silly. WebOS has potential but it may never have the chance to reach it. And without timely updates then the current state of today's Pre can be considered "unfinished".
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    i have to keep verizon becasue im on contract for a year and a half. an di have the chocolate....
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    Depends on your personal preference. Personally, I think you should give it a try and see how you like the phone. As for me, once I played and tried it for weeks, I was hooked to the phone. It is one of the best smart phone that I have use so far. My previous phone was the blackberry storm and that was a disaster for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by evanderlongoria View Post
    i have tried it in the store and i absolutely loved it, and i dont plan on buying it from verizon...
    Here's your answer. If you have loved it just playing around with it in the store then it sounds like you should buy it. I don't know about Verizon's policy but Sprint lets you have a 30 day "trial" period to see if you really like it. If Verizon has something like this then from an outside perspective it is a no brainer.
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    how much is full retail? somwhere in the 500 ballpark?
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    599.99 is the full retail price, i think.
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    600 is not worth it for a phone. thats why ebay or craisglist is better for me at least
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    i'm loving my Pre. Some do not like it. Every phone has it's issues.
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    Just wait until mid June when all of us early adopters on Sprint dump our Pres to jump on the EVO. The price of a used pre on ebay should plummet then...
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