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    well im talking the pre plus for verizon not the pre for sprint
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    It really depends on what you want in a phone. I hadn't had a palm phone before the pre plus and overall, I'm very happy with it. I do have a few issues. I've developed the usb door crack (don't remember dropping it, but kids may have messed with it), and I have issues with the keyboard (double typing or missing letters). I had the chance to get any other phone verizon was offering but don't regret this one. Even with a few hardware issues, the os is simply amazing. Add the 800 MHz kernel and this thing is untouchable. If you've had a chance to play with it for a little bit, you've noticed just how easy this phone is to use. The multitasking alone sold me on this phone. I'm sure that some of the other phones have their own version of "multitasking", but this one is so fluid. Love the whole card concept. The only problem with owning this phone is that it will be very difficult to use a different os now.

    Well, guess what I was trying to really say is that it's really up to you to decide what you want in a phone...

    Oh yeah, the community here is great too. There are some doomsdayers, but overall people are very helpful and love their devices...
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    Short answer: yes- at least do a 14 or 30 day trial (depends on carrier).

    I've been using an iPhone 3GS for 6 months. Great phone, near perfect in fact... But I'm sick of riding the jailbreak/no jailbreak attack/counter-attack rollercoater. I'm on AT&T, so I went with the Nexus One which has an AT&T compatible version. I've been using the Nexus One for the last week. I've never owned a Palm Pre, but I've done some development and played a lot with a few friends' Pres.

    remusomega's statement applies even more so to Android devices... The Pre does a lot of things right that Android simply doesn't.

    For instance:
    - Multitasking: Pre's card model feels snappy and works well. Android is like vanilla PocketPC 2000- ever program you start is running in the background, gradually slowing the phone down to a crawl. To quit something it takes 8 taps to get to a screen where you can force quit an app. A lot of people install some sort of task manager- just like on PocketPC 2000. :P

    - Exchange: For a supposedly enterprise-ready OS, it's unacceptable that Android still doesn't support Exchange for calendaring without buying some separate application. The Pre does.

    - UI: UI is quite a bit nicer and more consistent on the Pre than on my Nexus One. Animations and scrolling is smooth- even my Nexus One's 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU doesn't save it from choppy scrolling/animation.

    I mean to say this: next to the iPhone, the Pre is as good as it gets in the smartphone world. If I were on Sprint or Verizon, I'd totally get a Pre.

    The only things holding me back from switching to Sprint or Verizon to get a Pre are: the apps I need aren't yet available for the Pre; and the future of Palm is hazy right now.
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    I've had my Pre since last June with absolutely no problems. Get it, you'll like it.
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    whats the deal on the pixie?
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    Quote Originally Posted by evanderlongoria View Post
    So I need a new phone, and i have always admired the pre ever since it launched with sprint. im on verizon so we finally got the palr pre plus which makes me happy...any ways i need a new phone till i can upgrade again so i will be buying the phone full price or craigslist or ebay or wherever i can find it. I just want to know if i should? or get the droid incredible. I love the pre because of its physical keyboard and web os, bu ti keep reading about the battery life sucks really bad and that alot are defective. Being that where i live verizon has horrible service and where i am currently training for work i have equally as bad service weill that make my batteer life even worse than ppl say? i just want honest input thanks.
    If you want functional and accurate GPS, then the Pre Plus is not for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tal1bkw3ll1 View Post
    599.99 is the full retail price, i think.
    I bought mine at Best Buy for $29.95 with a 30 day trial. Then Amazon advertised the same Verizon Pre Plus for $.01. I called Best Buy customer service to see if I could get a price match and was told NO. I took it into a store and they said YES.

    Total price: $.01. I used the savings to get a case for the extended battery (Seidio) I popped for. I couldn't be happier. The phone is awesome, especially with that battery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YankBoy View Post
    If you want functional and accurate GPS, then the Pre Plus is not for you.
    I had been using google maps with the verizon nav open and it was pretty dang accurate. Tried it again about a week ago, and it had a hard time keeping a lock on where I was at. There weren't any updates or anything so not sure why that happened. Will have to check it out again. I'm not willing to pay the $10 for verizons nav though...
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